London Real meets MMA Journalist Gareth A. Davies

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MMA Journalist Gareth A. Davies describes how Paralympics and MMA are two sports that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit, why acceptance of MMA has lagged in the UK, how he could head-kick Ariel Helwani but chooses not to, and why his advice to aspiring journalists is to research meticulously, then simplify and exaggerate.

“I’d die on the field for my teammates.” – Gareth A. Davies

“There’s a lot of respect in fightsports.” – Gareth A. Davies

“I don’t judge people until I meet them.” – Gareth A. Davies

“I spent a year in China learning how to fight with a stick.” – Gareth A. Davies

“The UFC can reach 500 million homes.” – Gareth A. Davies

“UFC is the best 450 fighters in the world.” – Gareth A. Davies

“There’s dickheads wherever you go.” – Gareth A. Davies

“I think fighters are inspirational.” – Gareth A. Davies

“I’m not an expert on MMA.” – Gareth A. Davies

“An MMA journalist doesn’t need to train MMA.” – Gareth A. Davies

“Should you have a blue belt to ref or judge MMA?” – Gareth A. Davies

“Marc Goddard is a lunatic (in a good way).” – Gareth A. Davies

“They’ve found a way of cheating.” – Gareth A. Davies

“I could head kick Ariel Helwani.” – Gareth A. Davies

“ArielHelwani is like Larry David’s rogue nephew.” – Gareth A. Davies

“Mayhem Miller is a bit of a strange character.” – Gareth A. Davies

“I may leave Twitter at some point.” – Gareth A. Davies

“It takes a lot of stamina to be a journalist.” – Gareth A. Davies

“I put my neck on the block for MMA with the Telegraph.” – Gareth A. Davies

“If you choose a path with a heart you will find riches.” – Gareth A. Davies

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24 Replies to “Gareth A. Davies – The Pen is Mightier | London Real”

  1. Great interview with all sorts of topics covered. Good stuff. Personally I do think the refs and judges of MMA should do some or observe more MMA training in to get a better understanding of what they are seeing/judging in the cage.

  2. …the sport. Everyone rallied together to educate these reporters. Everything about the sport was up for debate and important to the future of the sport. So fans have always been very passionate about the sport because the fight we had to go through that no other sport has. I think that attitude has been passed down to current fans. Since the UFC appeals to the internet demo. Most fans are "effected".

  3. 28:00
    As someone who has followed the sport online since the beginning. I think the reason MMA fans are so critical is a few reasons. At one point the sport was kept alive online. From 1998-2001 There was no real way to follow the sport or the UFC. Dana admits the net kept it alive. During this time and years before. Everyone was trying to kill the sport. Hardcore fans become very defensive and for years have to defend the sport. I myself remember writing to journalist who was slamming….

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