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The deep state you defend is going to get slaughtered, and if you persist in defending them, you will too. You cant put this genie back in the bottle.
Research sofia smallstorm regarding the sandy hook hoax. How do I know sandy hook was a hoax?
Because I was there. That school had been shut down for years, and then all of a sudden all of our neighbors moved out, dozens of them, gone. Then all these ppl started moving in around christmas buying up houses everywhere. I worked at the courthouse there and I noticed on their deeds, that they were purchased by the justice dept, the homes these newcomers bought. Then, I was invited to a meeting at city hall, where there was some military guy, dressed in fatigues and everything, telling us that when martial law kicks in that we have to stick together and share our resources…very strange presentation. Then I was invited to a bomb drill, then another drill, then another one.
Finally, some guys in suits asjed me how I would like to spend the rest of my life never having to worry about lack of money. I asked, what do you mean? Theres always a catch, nothing free in this world.
Thats when theu handed me a script. It was an entire itinerary. I still have it and in fact, I mass produced it and sent the copies all over the earth as proof.
In it, it stated that for the good of America, we were going to stage a catastrophe, but they kept calling it an “event”. Needless to say, I and my family jumped in our SUV, politely declined, and got the hell out of that entire state. Exactly 6 days later sandy hook happened. I know the parker family. They only had two daughters, not three, both over the age. Their girls would play after work with our girls. My wife worked as an assistant at the same place robbie parker was employed. Youve been bullshitted by your government folks. Over and over again.


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