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  1. This information is so fascinating. Gary Wayne is unsurpassed, and I’ve not found anyone with as deep an understanding and an ability to put forth the information in such a way so that the layman can understand it. It was a great show because of him.

    What was not so great and actually really surprising, as this show seemed to have some professionalism to it, was the rude snickering and muffled laughter by the latecomer to the show. If you don’t agree with the information your guest (or your friend’s guest, as may be the case here) presents then just say so, or better yet say nothing, rather than snicker and teeter like a little boy. So ridiculously RUDE.

  2. Blue giant, gotta be an ice giant. Ragnarök is near u know 😀
    Up here in scandinavia these things are kinda real, at least among the older generation. At Iceland for example they even draw roads to not disturb "trolltyg" etc, that lives in/under giant boulders. They wud never risk disturbing whats live there by blowing them up and risk awaking their wrath. BTW. on the elves (alverna) when u read the sagas, wich also use metafores and allegories etc. They are to be understood as spirits. I get confused by english terms at times when u discuss norse myths. I wonder when u say fairies if u mean älvorna. Anyway ur doing a superb job at this topic and u make a few connections I never realised even tho Ive read Edda and Sagas all my life. Sadly they are not compleate nowdays since the chatolics kinda wanted to stamp out the original versions (even if monks also saved much of it by writing it down)

  3. Hello Gary, This is my first time listening to you. I bought your book but only read a few chapters. As I was listening a question regarding tithing was mentioned and tithing was meant for the widowers, the strangers and the poor it was never mentioned to give it to some Pastor to get rich or even live off of. He was to work 6 days like anyone else, helping the eldery, homeless, and the hungry and the stranger coming into town. Tithing is clearly now days the main reasons these Demonic people join the false church to get obsesenly rich in the name of Our Most High. You can take your tithe and give it to food pantries or battered women shelters or nursing homes bring blankets or clothing for each individual handed out to make sure they receive them and the greedy won't take them for themselves which happens more than the charities do, evil is all behind them and these per plate charities are just given out to the people in charge of it and the needy get barely nothing. I will never tithe again because of all the corruption. Buying food for a food pantry is the smartest way and home supplies and health supplies and let the people take their food as a boxed package of their choice instead of giving it to a woman like Joyce Myers or Joel Olsteen and all the other crooks. As I listen more I will reply more but tithing should only be given to the needy. Period.

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