Gary joins me again this evening for the third part of our serious on the Genesis 3 and six war between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. Tonight we go into the links between the fallen angels,, giant men of renown, and the Jesuits, Rosicrucian, Templars, Knights of Malta, and other secret society organizations worldwide. We speak about in great depth the Gog and Magog war, blooming of the figtree, and of the age, and coming millennial reign. This show is guaranteed to appeal in one way or another to those of you seeking truth.



8 Replies to “Gary Wayne – Templars, and the Knight of Malta”

  1. Mr Gary,please speak truth of our Biblical Flat Earth.Mr Gary,please don't call Yahusha(Jezus).Yahusha has nothing to do with Zeus plus Jesus in Hebrew means "The Horse".True Jews are very few in Israel.The government in Israel water bombs and beats true Jews as the Ashkanazi and Kharzars have control and HATE mankind!!!! Yahusha told us of them.

  2. Very disappointing! How can Gary say that today's Jews are Judah when Jesus clearly told us that the ones that say they are Jews are not but are the Synagogue of Satan? Also the 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia clearly says: "Modern Jewry is Esau-Edom"! Reading Obadiah 1:18 we know that God will destroy the Edomites.
    Who besides the Genesis 3:15 royal descendants of Cain are destroying humanity? Who are the Genesis 6 peoples and the bodily containers of the Nephillim if not the demon possessed transgendered Hollywood Stars/Messengers and the politicians that "mysteriously" are all closely related to one another?
    Sorry, but Gary is either under delusion or has an agenda.
    Take heed that no man deceive you!!!

  3. These people — the Rh negatives, the Illuminati, the Kenites, the Reptilians, and the "synagogue of Satan"–are all still eligible for salvation, if they so choose, by accepting Christ as their Savior.  The problem is that most of them don't choose.  I think the phrase in the Bible that exhorts to take the Bible "to all creatures," covers these groups of people, who aren't quite the same as the rest of the human race, so could, in a sense, be considered different "creatures."

  4. Re.:  Zen's question about President Trump, ie, if he is related to these blood lines.  I heard on a news story that Pres. Trump has O negative blood.  It was a story telling that they keep a supply of his blood type with him when he is traveling, including when he is just in the presidential limousine ("the Beast") because he has O negative blood and this blood type cannot accept any other type blood should any type of accident occur requiring a blood transfusion.  But O negative blood types can donate to all other blood types.  O negative is called the "universal" donor blood type for this reason.

  5. I don't think these exclusive, secret societies have anything to do with giants!  The people in the secret societies are those bloodlines identified with the Illuminati, the Kenites, the Reptilians, the "Synagogue of Satan," and possible the Rh negative blood type peoples.  These are highly sophisticated, intelligent people who will try to bring in the NWO.  These are the descendants of Cain through his father Satan, as Jesus describes them in John 8:44.The giants, on the other hand, were genetic freaks and failures.  Some of them were monstrosities, such as the cyclops described in Greek mythology.  I think that the remnants of the giants exist today in such creatures as Big Foot or the Giant of Kandahar.  Descendants of the giants will not be found on the board of the Bilderburgs.  The giants  will not be found in the bloodlines of the US Presidents and their connection to British royalty.  Descendants of Big Foot and the Kandahar Giant will not be found in the ranks of the Rosicrucians, in the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, etc.  The giants are the descendants of the union of fallen angels with human women.  The Synagogue of Satan people are the descendants of the union between the Devil and Eve.  As you know, there are different levels and status of angels, and Satan was made the highest order.  As God complained to him in Isaiah, "I made you the full pattern."   Satan can do things that lower level angels cannot.  He can possess people, for example, whereas lower level status angels cannot.  He was the highest level angel, the Seraphim, associated with serpents, and all these exclusive groups and ancient societies invariably have some form of snake worship.  Satan's progeny with Eve turn out to be very talented, intelligent, although sociopathic.  The fallen angels' progeny with human women turned out to be freaks of nature, pretty easily vanquished, as witnessed in the incident with David and Goliath.  The giants weren't too smart.  A teenage human boy can get the best of them.  The story is different, however, with the descendants of Satan.

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