Gary joins me again this evening for the third part of our serious on the Genesis 3 and six war between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. Tonight we go into the links between the fallen angels,, giant men of renown, and the Jesuits, Rosicrucian, Templars, Knights of Malta, and other secret society organizations worldwide. We speak about in great depth the Gog and Magog war, blooming of the figtree, and of the age, and coming millennial reign. This show is guaranteed to appeal in one way or another to those of you seeking truth.



14 Replies to “Gary Wayne – Templars, and the Knight of Malta”

  1. I hate holywood…they tortured that lion in the begining credits to make it roar the way it does.
    Torturing the tribe of JUDAS
    But…. he whos shoes we are not worthy to unloose is coming… and in his hand he has a rod…. and with it he will make cains blood line pay.

  2. Hey Zen Continue the great work! Just received my calendar and I much appreciate the artwork. On another note, what your interpretation of Deuteronomy 28? I know it's a sensitive topic but it would be great to get your thoughts on it. Who are the real Israelites?

  3. Great 3-part series, Gentlemen! I finally bought my signed copy of the Genesis 6 Conspiracy today. Thanks, Mr. Wayne! Thank you for the enlightening series, Mr. Garcia! You guys are two of my absolute favorite researchers/scholars. Well done.

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