GC35:America’s Greatest Foe.Francis’ Hand of Inquisition Tours America.The Jesuit Hunter.Pray for Rain


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  1. That arm that is St Francis Xzavier in the picture. That is horrible. That could be anybody’s arm. That arm is dead. Where is Xzavier’s body, where is the rest of him. That arm would stink. Catholics do not be tricked into believing this. It could be anybody’s arm. They are just saying that. I am not Catholic and I am not stupid. A dead arm is a dead arm. God bless you all. Remember to ask Jesus Christ to be your Lord and Saviour and repent of your sins. The Pope has not done this. All those who haven’t will be destroyed by the coming of Jesus Christ. And will be thrown into hell by the Holy one Jesus Christ.

  2. People are blind, they don't want to see the truth, even in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, blind leaders leading dumb sheep, not studying for themselves, like they are in a trance, believing everything is just fine, won't listen to present truth, going along with every wind of doctrine, comfortable, blind, naked, and deceived! What a shame when this church has been given more light than any other, and we don't want that light, we seem to like living in darkness, and slumbering! Lord wake us up!!

  3. I really loved the comment by the pastor that the core of things is 'righteousness by faith'. Without an experience in this, nohone will stand the great test coming. as Paul said clearly to Timothy about Jesus

    "1 Timothy 2:6 Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.

    Faith in the Merits of Christ -in His finished work on the cross and ongoing work as High priest before the Father incurs a most precious free gift – the gift of the imputed righteousness of Christ. It is a real gift, an active principle, a regenerating power that God miraculously places and implants in the mind of the repentant penitent. The Moment one recieves by Faith this amazing gift of grace one is saved and assured of heaven.

    However the reception of this Gift from Christ does not remove the exercise of the will toward right doing and thinking, but rather it is "God that worketh in you both to will and to do his good pleasure" so then by faith in Christ we receive power and grace which adds strength and boost and a glow to the will so that our new works of faith become effectual and which leads to the final sealing of the 144000 as per Rev 14:1-5, and that new song of experience – the experience of going through the time of trouble and emerging in final triumph when Christ returns.

  4. Its interesting that Pr. Henriques would show a book that I am now reading. It's called ' 50 Years in the Church of Rome' written by an ex priest Charles Chiniquy. If you want to get a peek of real characteristics of this horrible debacle of a system, you've got to read this book. Another good book to read is 'Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends' by Eric Jon Phelps. After reading these two books I would have to ask this question: WHY IS SDA CHURCH BRINGING JEZEBEL'S PRIESTS TO OUR PULPITS?!

  5. I love this work but I'm disliking who is doing the recording. Their eye should EVER be watching through the viewer, no matter how interesting the material, to keep the camera focused so we're able to see, clearly, the material which is being presented.

  6. Also my brothers and sisters, here is a short Latin language lesson. The phrase; Vatican, is made up of two Latin words, vatis; means ‘divining,’ and canus; means ‘serpent,’ the two words; vatican means; ‘divining serpent.’ I thought you all might like to know that. Maranatha!

  7. Donald Trump is losing his backing because he keeps getting caught in lies. I check out Breitbart because that’s where the majority of his base is.

    If Trumps gets booted and Mike Pence becomes president we will be at the brink of the end of time. He is ALL ABOUT dominionist Christian theology.

  8. At 01:30:00, we see in Loren Seibold’s photos the Catholic symbol (IHS) which can stand for several things, but the insider knows that it stands for; Isis, Horus,Set. The sun symbol is ‘sun’ worship. The wavy lines represent the ‘female’ aspect of the Adversary (Devil), the straight lines represent the ‘male’ form of the Adversary. You see the three nails that represent the deriding of Christ in His suffering and humiliation. This symbol is evil and is the mainstay of the pagan Roman Catholic sun worshiping Antichrist system; Luciferianism. There are more of these demon worshipers in the world than you would believe and they are forming an army. But we in Christ have no need to fear them because the victory is His, that we all know. May the FATHER continue to bless us, protect us, keep us safe and forever close to Him, in His warm and loving embrace, in Christs’ Name, Amen.

  9. Ministers who are giving the last warning message to the world, who are presenting the truth in sincerity, who are relying upon God for strength , need never fear that their efforts are in vain. No one can say that the arrow of truth has not sped to the mark, and pierced the souls of those listening. God has spoken to us through humble instruments, and in the day of final account God's ministers will stand with trophies of redeeming grace to give honor unto Christ. He will openly reward those who have declared the truth in His name.

  10. amen my brother and his wife keep blowing the trumpet,but you folks that are listening to brother andrew make sure you share these truth with your neighbour and let us share the great controversy book as the leaves of autum,this is the book that must be place in the people hand this book is like treasure because it not only lifts up christ but exposes the man of sin the papal pope.

  11. From the very first chapter of the Great Controversy that the pastor has given us a sermon on, there is always, praise the FATHER, a related current event that ties in with the chapter discussed, and it proves prophecy. I cannot but believe that these sermons like all of pastor Andrew’s sermons are divinely ordained, pastor is only doing what the Savior directs him to do. Any break between chapters, whether a week or a month is only because our Savior is allowing current events to happen that will relate to the chapter of the GC that will be taught.

    I also believe, that as the teachings on the Great Controversy continue, that the events in the chapters will be happening in the world with greater and greater significance. I am not prophesying, I only see what has been the recurring theme of each sermon on the Great Controversy, that it’s remarkably accurate to current events, that’s all.

  12. This is the most saddening evidence The SDA under GC is overthrown. Every genuine SDA is to come out of " saving church" too in heart and leave the Jesuits their SDA church. I am sickened but I am glad there is TRUE watchmen on the wall who answer to the question, "Watchman what of the night?Watchman what of the night? The watchman answered,The morning cometh( with the return of Jesus for the righteous), and also the night(eternal night for the wicked): if ye inquire, inquire ye: return, come (to Jesus NOW). Is. 21:11-12. God is our refuge of strength–how much we need Him now!Thank you for your care and all your love for the sheep as Jesus gives you through His Holy Spirit Andrew and Hilary. Praying for you as you go to California.

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