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  1. What's a bunch of local stories and medias got to do with the shape of the Earth ? Not to mention from what i heard of them you criticize religion nothing to do with science.

    Trump says nice things for the person next to him, and he reacts accordingly. Why the conspiracy around such a mondaine thing ? What's next ? The brown color of the back of your pants may be a sign of aliens ? Be real !

    "It" is part of our experience. Every day you stand up and you walk, doing that requires fighting off Gravity. You can feel it trying to bring it to the ground can't you ?

    Orbits are part of it too. That's kinda how we can predict with extreme accuracy the entire sky day and night.

    Without satellites, you wouldn't have a smartphone, genius. And that's just one of their many uses. How do you think we can predict weather with reasonnable accuracy days in advance ? Not by chance.

    What research HAVE you done ? So far sounds legit.

    If you doubt satellites, you don't have websites as proof. They're just hearsay that you have to verify. You need a telescope to find a satellite, because of how small they are. Not an easy task to find one but doable. Another possibility is to move to a satellite launch pad to witness a launch with your own eyes.

    You talk about CGI images yet you show a non CGI and non composite footage seconds later, namely the vortex, and later you show the astronaut in space station which is also real. Funny how easy it is to spot when you know what to look for…

    Science IS about moving towards truth. But you don't do that by accepting things without irrefutable proofs.

    I just love your sunset. You can SEE right here how it can't be perspective : if it were, the Sun would touch all vanishing lines from start to finish, yet this shows it doesn't happen. Effectively it would mean no sunset as the Sun would instead keep getting closer and closer to the vanishing point without ever reaching it. Again not what's observed.

    Then we have the zoom on the horizon. I'm sure you don't even realize this is actually a perfect globe proof and disproves flatness at the same time. Do you know how mirages form ? Normally we see an object because light goes from the object to our eyes, but it encounters humid air along the way, which means water droplets floating in the air. Each can reflect or have a chance to refract instead, using other words that's bouncing off and passing through at an angle. By doing that on each droplet met a ray of light can encounter so much reflection in some humid conditions a second image can form : a clone distorted on the borders because of how the droplets float in the air. On a flat Earth you would keep seeing the real object so the mirage would have weird positionning, giving it away. But on a globe the real object is already hidden by the curve but the mirage displays it higher than it is. Hence what you see, despite the terrible blur of your digital zoom. That said the mirage has its limits, it's just delaying the inevitable : your target will seem to sink into the horizon as you get away from it. You can verify that by having a closer taken full photo of your target, scaling it to match and aligning the tops. You will see the full one having more to show.

    "A real view from Lake Tahoe" : really ? Can't you notice the land distortion ? That's a calculated correction version from a fisheye lens footage. And i thought CGI was touched by the Devil or something…

    The Earth isn't made 71% of water. That's something only flat earthers say as a strawman argument. The surface is but even so that's a lot of land masses to reach just 29%, one of which is just bellow. Why didn't you show the rest of the footage where we see a lot of oceans ? Cherrypicking ?

    Again i thought CGI was a big no no ? You show us an illustration (CGI) showing the Earth without an atmosphere, just so we can see where the continents are. Dishonest aren't you ?

    Well duh the horizon will appear flat to your eyes, doesn't mean it is. Why if the Earth is flat does the horizon show more of itself as you gain altitude for instance ? Doesn't make sense. It does with a spherical Earth and the fact horizon isn't flat but simply too big to appear otherwise to us insignificant humans. To get 1° of curvature you have to travel 115km. Can you see that far with naked eye ? So of course we need tricks to notice and measure that.

    "Research the Flat Earth" Haha Haha ! If your research is as nonsensical as seen in the last 100 years, tomorrow isn't when you will make a breakthrough.

    DelanoTV, because he's known to make intelligeible arguments… NOT !!
    I don't remember the name of the other one but i remember his face and style. Different approach but same stupidity.

    Earth spinning, you're not supposed to feel it, since it moves at constant rotational speed and us with it. Just like when inside a car and the car is going straight at constant speed.

    Most ridiculous claim on astraunauts ever. Water pressure doesn't work like space lack of Gravity of Earth.

    Chemtrails. LOL ! If chemtrails were a thing, just one plane would be enough to void an area of life both human animal and plant. With all the "chemtrails" witnessed on states ground every day, the states would have been turned into a ghost nation a full century ago. Yet here we are. Those are contrails as in condensation, made almost exclusively of water and evaporating slower if the weather is humid, where a dry weather evaporates them in seconds.

    Ah the 9/11 conspiracy. Nothing like classics to close the craziness tour, huh ?
    If it's CGI it can be proven. There's a test, accepted as evidence in court, to see if areas of a photo or frame of video (same) has been tampered. The colors will be ruined by the test but that's not what you're looking for. If the image has grains and still shows the shape of the original photo, it hasn't been tampered. If it's solid nothingness it's a sign of having been tampered. If the footage is CGI it should show signs of having been tampered all over the place. Good research !

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