Features soundtrack from “Last Super Bowl on Planet Earth 2017” Chapter 6 POPE FRANCIS BLESSES LADY GAGA. Appears this is cult worship setup connecting the numbers 7 to the Revelation 12 and the 6th Trump coming of the Islamic Messiah… Anti Christ where the world will be deceived by Satan masquerading as the 7th Trump. Donald Trump is the 5th Trump political wound to the One World Order. The 6th Trump is Satan.The 7th Trump is completion in End Times Prophecy. Our Father in Heaven Jesus Christ will descend to rule with an iron rod. Are you ready for eternal life?


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  1. Rapturites take hope, from the pope–he seems to imply in this video that Superbowls would continue during the Great Tribulation–even though Superbowls are not particularly popular in Argentina or europe. Would a pope lie? Hell no. #blackout

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