Greeks in Poland – Episode 1!!! (POZNAN)

Επισκεπτομαστε το Ποζναν της Πολωνιας το οποιο βρισκεται στην δυτικη Πολωνια.Περπαταμε στην πλατεια της παλιας πολης , πηγαινουμε στον Καθεδρικο Ναο Πετρου και Παυλου και περνουμε τρενακι για να κανουμε τον γυρο την λιμνης Μαλτα.

We are visiting Poznan, of Poland, which is located in western Poland. We are walking to the old town square, we are going to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and we are taking a train to make the round of Lake Malta.


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  1. Hey welcome I hope you had great time.. There's much too see, love Greek music although I don't understand the language maybe Biblical/Medical wording Only. You guys are always welcome, LOVE ❤️ Greece from Polish brother in USA 👍

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