Grey pope, black pope, white pope, and Jesuits all roads lead to Rome

Root of the problem is the grey pope


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  1. Even a five year old now a days talks about the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. That makes me wonder if they really are the ones in control. How come we keep hearing about them all the time. Are you sure you have the true identity of the Grey Pope?

  2. Now if these sheeple, ignorant, indoctrinated fools really knew the truth, they could get their country back!! Like knowing Trump is really a jingoist Jesuit temporal coadjutor and that its nice to see these people waking up to show there nationalism and how about that asian tearing up that Mexican flag which also is all Roman symbolism as well!! This is what the Jesuits want right now, All these angry, ignorant indoctrinated white people to get angry and be angry! After all the Jesuits have had them controlled under socialist communism using all these invaders in the first place! They should be mad and angry and that again is what the Jesuits want!! to bring about this right wing fascism to justify the round ups to the FEMA camps of all these invaders and create their totalitarian militarized fascist police state! The Jesuits perfect ultramontanism. Its too bad they still dont understand though that these soldiers in America are not fighting for freedoms or liberties, rather the Popes crusades as decieved crusaders. Soldier meaning Soul to die. For who?? THE POPE!! And you families sending your loved ones off for the crusades of the Pope, SHAME ON YOU!! Tjen you mourn and cry that you lost a loved or has life long injuries, Im sorry for that! BUT ITS YOUR OWN FAULT!! Because you wont wake up and listen to people like me who know how it all works, whos behind it, their agendas and lastly their endgame!! In God We Trust, really whos god? What god, the only real answer The Vicar of Christ, the False messiah, Son of perdition, Man of transgression, The POPE!!!

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