Herminutic Translation: Basically Dugin explains why Evil Liberals (aka freedom havers) [aka Individualism] are a destructive ‘Leftist Social Justice Warrior’ Paradigm poisoning the West and is a Huge problem… And the answer is somehow its Polar opposite; ‘Slavery Patriots’ !!!!!

Aka the ‘Oppressed Eurasian Identitarian’

This Interview weaves through Revisionist History as a cultural practice then strangely shifts to The need to focus on “Human Rights” {but what is a “human”} and on the building of stable Communities . Dugin shows his disdain for the unscrupulous Individualist attitude that lacks a Spiritual sense of Humanistic Morals and reeks of selfishness..Dugin further explains how 😕 it is quantitatively singular individual “MINORITIES” that are destroying western society.

Wake UP

A Russian stand-up comic once remarked that Russia is a country with an unpredictable past, pointing to its recurring efforts to redefine itself through the reinterpretation of history. With less than three months to go until the presidential election and all candidates, including the incumbent, calling for change, will the discussion of the future finally replace the debates over history? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Alexander Dugin, Russian philosopher, and public intellectual.


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  1. What strikes me the most is how the conversation flows. We don't see anything like this on mainstream US media. The reporter is digging in and disagreeing but the conversation continues. Thanks for sharing.

  2. this is just fucking hilarious, because it clearly shows how much dugin thinks Russia has and should continue to adopt the judeo Christian mindset as opposed to the church of Jesus Christian mindset. if you put community over the individual you violate the tennets of Christianity because you are trying to play god for others as opposed to just being god for oneself or just be an individual. I don't particularly think any religion is useful on its own, but I think there are grains of wisdom in some parts of the text hidden amongst piles of bullshit, kinda like what Alex Jones did before he went total trump ball licker, becuz honestly, I'm simply parroting Bill Cooper's interpretation of Christianity and applying it to this situation to show the ridiculousness, hypocrisy, and shear lunacy of dugin. I can't believe anyone takes him seriously and puts him on shows for commentary, essentially that would be like if someone like Jim Jones had been put on today's version of CNN to help define American society. RT is full of shit, dismiss this asshole but don't give him airtime to wiggle his theories into the minds of their viewers, that's just horseshit and lazy clickbait reporting, but that's why no one should probably take RT seriously.

  3. this seems like its all propoganda for Putin's next term. it seems to me RT is playing devil's advocate and dugin is playing the middle man trying to make a deal between liberals and Putin by convincing the Russian populace that communitarianism is a happy medium between extreme right wing hawkishness and extreme left wing relatavism, it's all bullshit. I stopped taking RT seriously after the Abby Martin incident. not that I trust Martin, because I think she should have tried to stay on RT to get more incriminating shit on Russia in the belly of the beast, but instead she pulled a "I'm full of self righteous outrage and I'm gonna make sure everyone knows it" over the Russia chrimera invasion as if to preserve her reputation, much like any faux ideologue or politician who says they stand for peace but then goes and votes for increased spending on weapons and troop deployment in the middle East a la Bernie Sanders. it seems like Martin has been doing damage control to regain interest in her brand much like any other politician does when they get associated with something that affects their approval ratings, as she then went straight to a libtard socialist dominated propoganda network of telesur and started covering a myopic perspective of what was happening in Venezuela. this occurred shortly after she visited Israel and shit talked them on Joe Rogan, but has backed off for some reason right after her appearance on rogans show and her incident on RT. I knew when she did all that bullshit that there had to be some orchestration of placating the progressives by having Martin, a conspiracy theorist at heart, partially defend socialism by saying that Venezuela was not as bad as American newspapers make it out to be, which it may not be, but it's just the other side of the paradigm obfuscating the optics of what's really going on, but this is just my opinion and I hope I'm wrong about Martin, but she's also a rabid Ron Paul supporter, and I don't trust anyone who is a rabid supporter of any political ideology, particularly one, volunteerism, which is very similar to communitarianism.

  4. Dugin folds like all these two bit pseudo-intellectuals. I think they are there just to snuff out the smart folk who can still be emotionally beaten out of hiding as revealed in internet comments to be tracked as a resister.

    When he says that you can't track individualism in humanity via data that sounds like bullshit to me. Saying something is a concept doesn't prevent it from having an effect in a measurable way – that is playing a language game.

    The essential language game is that people can accept your words or terms and your logic and rhetoric but it be incorrect.

    Who decides what is true or not? Where does thought turn into action or law or order?

    I think the method of mind control we see the most is us being overrun by recorded messages in media.

    If a person makes a statement locally we can discuss it with them usually or atleast talk over it if need be.

    However a recording has no stake in the outcome of its speech, no fear to say whatever.

    So overtime I assume humanity has been more and more bullied by the collective.

    Even to the point it comments and defines what an individual is and makes it a competition.

    Dugin is equating individualism with chaos. And he is using reverse psychology to attract people to it by labelling it dangerous.

    At the end of the day, these people are playing a role.

    Maybe the logic of these insiders is that they want to see us develop an individual response despite our enslavement?

    These people are like wrestling characters and we are supposed to deal with them intellectually as a co-operative.

    Why don't we hear more about the distinction between a cooperative and a collective?

    Shouldn't any twelve people who share a passion try to work together if it serves their cause?

    Being put in representative groups with no choice run by man instead of nature I don't dig but free association is cool.

    Just the idea that our world teeters on what Mr. Dugin has to say offends me somewhat.

    This idea of saviors or presidents or champions are like a fake version of individuals.

    Like Trump emulating Apollo with his Penthouse.

    He literally blocks the sun soaking up all the power of creation in his narcissism to the point he becomes a living myth character.

    Notice these people are big on their identities. The Woman attempts to speak as a journalist requesting data as if we are or should stand behind a Press anymore than a Presidency to get our facts straight.

    Persona non gratis – this is the weapon of the Communitarian.

    They turn their backs on you if they want you to leave their community like how Facebook and YouTube kick you off with no reason or counter argument allowed as part of the decision making process.

    Here is the problem with attacking Communitarianism though…

    Like at the part of the interview where this Journalist tries to pin Dugin into admitting his view of community negates the individual…

    She or any individual who tries to deny Dugin's view is actually behaving in a fascist way demanding that people agree with her or their view, you see?

    Nature does have built in logical laws of behavior. Most people don't know them. Truth does come from a minority but its when we see it on the faces of the majority that we really see it expressed, yes?

    We're all too familiar the impression the collective makes on most of us who identify as Individual.

    See how the woman is trying to be inclusive and say her use of the term is relative and his is unnecessarily exclusionary?

    She is negating his view and thus contradicting her expressed intention to value individualism by demanding he give up on being able to have an opposing view.

    She would have to take the high road as they say and allow another to be wrong which equals to have another view if pressed far enough against one's own examination to me.

    Its about this struggle between words as individual vs. needing to be heard and live within people and things.

    I assume that paradox cannot be solved and that it is either the cause or reflection of life itself jumping in and out of existence.

  5. Heres a good quote: "Within this mix, at a later date, the Marxists also decided to throw their hat into the ring and make their bid for utilizing its ideology to shape Psychology through the Frankfurt School, which upon investigation reveals itself as a Marxist-organized institution. It was the Frankfurt School who decided to elevate Freud’s work above others in the field because Freud was a devout Atheist. There are also definitive ties between the Frankfurt School and the British Fabian Society, a Marxist organization that came together only two years after the formation of the SPR. Research into the heads of the Theosophical Society, the SPR (Society for Psychical Research) and the Fabian Society looks like a rotating door of management with many of the same individuals serving in leadership positions in all three organizations. The Fabian Society established its control over the Theosophical Society in the early 1900s with the Fabian Alice Bailey stepping into the leadership position of the American branch of the Theosophical Society, and the former Fabian co-founder, Annie Besant, spearheading the Theosophical Society in India."

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