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This is for the harmony fanatics and remix DJs out there…Best remix gets a shout out in an upcoming video!


34 Replies to “Halo Beyonce Acapella (COVER)”

  1. no offense but it is so sad that people with REAL TALENTS like these 4 gentlemen over here won't make it big because they don't have the body or the face of Jason Durulo or whatever… like come on… people with auto tune can sell million albums but this acapella can't even get 1mill views..

  2. hey man, you guys are really good. yall blend really well together and when the guy in the Green took the lead and the rest took the lower harmony. it sounded like one person singing and that shows GREAT technique. when yall split into harmony, it was wack. and i know how hard it is to come strait out and sing "oh" in harmony.. well done guys.

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