Has the Pope and the Jesuits ‘Ordered’ Jade Helm on America?

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Disinformation agents and government paid internet trolls and shills are alive and well on the Internet and YouTube (especially). No longer can you judge a book by it’s cover. You have to read a few pages to get to know what you are reading. I give credit to RTR Truth Media for exposing the shill channel in this video. This is only the “trailer”. The main video is now uploaded.

The Disinfo Dr. Shill and Walmart FEMA Camps

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  1. Absolute garbage. Any one who attacks our Christian breatheran is the real anti-Christ. Catholics are hardworking Christians all over the world, devout and normal people just trying to live their lives without all the hate spewed at them. Why don't you direct your hate to the real elite who are ruling this world instead of more than a billion Christians? God will have his way with you eventually, as He does with all those who attack Christians. This is pure hate, pure anti-Christian bigotry.

  2. Good catch on the 6 sign! I've just come across his other YT channel. One of the videos is this one "Dr. William Mount takes you behind the scenes of "Star Born" a Public TV show on ch. "77"!!

    On another one about the immune system, in the description he says "Mount claims that our leaders worship Lucifer. Ironically, there is truth in this assertion. The Lucis Trust Fund is a key part of the United Nations. Their Original founders dedicated their organization to Lucifer. Mount is fighting the tough fight to stop global domination and the destruction of our species"…..Funny how he describes himself in the 3rd person, not I or me but Mount

    Chemtrails are dropping nano chips "Chemical trail sprayed over Tacoma Washington. Strange Chemtrail EXPOSED – Barium, Berilium, Nano chips dropped. Cloud seeding? See normal clouds next to spread of chemical cloud. The chips attach to DNA and enhance the frequency of DNA,leaving small pieces of glass in your body!"

  3. Right. Like this character would get kind of info. Unless it's a script and he is playing his part.

    They will play on fear. Don't buy into it.

    Deal with whatever comes whenever it comes! (IF it comes!)

  4. Good observation GA with the Costco advertisement. Maybe they are funding the negative pub on Wal Mart. I've noticed a lot of secret advertising in the "Truth Movement". The truth is brought to you by… Wal Mart, Costco, Microsoft, Tesla, etc… Haha! They don't think we see this kind of stuff!

  5. No more loud noises. I was nodding off during this (not that it's boring just that it's 1:30 am where I am which isn't very far from where you are)it scared the shit out of me! Almost thought it was my alarm to get up for work until it was followed by more loud noises!

    I like your stuff. Looking forward to the full video. Hopefully I'll be able to see it since half the stuff you post I can't watch.

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