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12 Replies to “He is not Texting Me Anymore”

  1. I blocked him for a few days, because I was angry, and trying to ignore him because I wanted to end things. he said he tried texting me and I didn't get them obviously, now he's mad because he wanted to hang last week apparently and so he stopped texting me. it sucks. now I wish I could still chat with him.

  2. Excellent share! Everything on what you said is right! I sent him a text. He did say he was going to be busy with work. Yes, he did initiate the texts for months then he stopped. I got used to it. My fault. However way this will go, a lesson learned for me. Both parties must initiate text; not just him. 

  3. I met this person on the date line. We texted and had phone conversations. At first we were exchanging photos then I had informed him that I allowed one of my girl friends to view his photo, "Big Mistake" He became furious and he deleted me from his phone. There was no form of communication. Well, a month had passed and at midnight I received a text inquiring how was I doing. We began communicating once again.We became intimate and now his texting has decrease. I text him to say good morning, he acknowledged me with a photo of himself, but the calls have stop. There is a 10 year age difference, I'm 10 years his senior! Your advice would be greatlyappreciated. 

    Optimistic Gold

  4. What if a guy keeps texting, but doesn't call? How do you get him to call? Do texts mean he's too busy to actual call? Or that he doesn't like you enough to call? Should  I stop responding to his texts to show he must call in order to talk to me? I feel cheapened by texts. To me it shows a lack of effort…

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