Hidden US History – A True Documentary Of Papal & Jesuit Subterfuge
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Ephesians 5:11


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  1. Good work, but :Pointing out a Jesuit was present for creating bible is important. but there was one at creation of kjv bible as well. so you contradict yourself. Yet rest of video well down. Sunday Law wll be applied as mark of the beast in paris accord pope created. walter veith/ the trump card. onslaught series. God Bless p.s oct 31 2017. luther protest 500 years to the day. beast is healed. protestants come back . the prostitutes with the whore.

  2. Eric Jon Phelps and Bill Hughes combine fantastically in this video; two noteworthy prophetic anti-Catholic voices.
    Tom Freiss, Greg Syzmanski and Daryl Eberhart are other worthy critics of demonic Jesuitry and the nefarious Vatican agenda.

  3. The problem with Eric Phelps being in these videos, is that whenever a person talks openly against the Catholic Church and the Pope, people initially try to paint you as a backwards racist. Try raising these concerns at a republican or democrat club. try raising these concerns at a Tea Party. The organizers of Campaign for Liberty tore down a stage before I could speak on an open mic, once a crowd seemed interested in what I had to say. The organizers were trying to paint me as a bigot, before I outmanuevered that attack by them. I had anticipated being attacked that way by them.

    But let's say people know you like and listen to Eric Phelps and know what a racist bigot he is. It becomes much harder to outmanuever those attacks. And whether you believe Trump is a good president or not, you can see how he was attacked in the media and can get a good idea how a real protestant president would be attacked if they spoke against the Catholic Church. If one was associated with Phelps, think of how the media would attack that person.

    I really urge people to seek other sources and promote better people. Eric Phelps is not the be all end all when it comes to this subject. Many errors plus he helps to paint a bad image.

  4. I really hatethe appearance of Eric Phelps in this video. He teaches a lot of twisted history do to his racist views. He helps to create the image that anyone who speaks against the Pope is a racist bigot.

  5. Well, let me spell out to you how much these ""founding father" were control by British and Jesuits. George Washington linage can be traced back to King Williams of Orange. It was under his rein that the first central banking system was establish along with the City Of London. It was the first time the power of money overthrow all kingdoms in Europe. He was in secret royal society called the Star families that protected Kings royal interest. Washington family Emblem was of 3 Stars. This emblem was on his mantle, .coachs, saddles, silver wear and even house slaves attire.. He was a Master Mason of the Red lounge with ties back to the Grand Columbia lounge in Britain. He was a member of the Order of Cincinnati controlled by the Order of the Garter. I call it the original Council of Foreign Affairs of it day. Other members Franklin and Adam Smith among others to this day. In European royal.circle these where their agents with code names, Washington 711, and Franklin was known as Moses. A reference to parting the pond for infiltration through the Hellfire Club and Nine Sister lounges. He took orders from the Grand lounge of Masonry from Daniel Coxe for plans for the federation of the colonies. Franklin became Post Master, early form of NSA to spy on letters of concern. Independence Hall was constructed by Mason's to formulate a revolution to take state powers and convert the in centralized control government.
    Rothschild's understand the importance of the postal service controlling it in Europe and control the pony express under Franklin. I call it the first NSA. Adam Smith got educated in the school of economics in Cambridge England. He championed "open free Market" giving total control of all the country's ports to offshore interest to East India company. The Pope controlled Britain under the treaty of 1213 all its possession including acquired territories in India, America, Africa and China. How you think we got such impressive Universities! Clue Opium. The Pope also had his Black Pope, Lorenzo Ricci as a major conductor with Bishop John Carroll to control affairs of Vatican claims. Carroll was the wealthiest man in all the America's. We always go to the bloodline and the number 13 as in colonies, Jesus being 13 of the Round table, yes it was round and the original 13 signs of the ancient zodiac of the serpent Egyptian anointing
    Pharaohs of Sion. Today more commonly known as Zionist that keeps scrambling the Bible scriptures. It was John Carrol that was the wizard of Oz that founded George Town University to further train governorship in the colonies. A year later he constructed Washington District of Columbia donating his land in Baltimore Maryland. Then Washington set the corner stone. With Corn, Oil and wine the man at his right was no other then Bishop Carroll. Most of the granite came from Carroll's nephews granite mines. When they went to sign the Constitution ( that nothing more then a revised legal Virginia Charter. A Con to institutionalize ( Constitution) all territorial States under British condition and their was hesitation. The man in the balcony that was the mystery man was John Carroll. Why because he was staying with Franklins house because Franklin was ill the day before and it was all done with guards posted because it was treason to man that fight for freedom. What they got was privilege liberty that could be gradually taken away as was done with the war of 1812 to relinquish the original 13 amendment and reinstate central bank.
    The Order of Cincinnati gave the British troops information to documents (original 13 Amendment) locations and congress and Senators that didn't comply to British infiltration and they along with family member assassinated orders of the crown. Their seats to be occupied by those chosen of the Cincinnati Order. Civil war to impose 14, 16 amendments turning the country into a virtual plantation of indentured citizens of offshore federalism. Wilsons signing the Federal Reserve, losing our
    Treasury Department to the IMF, and the final seal of communism Roosevelt claiming bankruptcy implementing the country under State of Emergency and registry of all future generations to all debts owed to the Centralized Global empire administered in Westminster Temple, Amen. Today we fly the Three Star Royal flag and the pirate commercial flag we been induced to salute.
    While this crooks deplete our country industries because we're taught to take order instituted by annihilator of humanity at global scales. Think we not included! It been going on since Francis Bacon, son to Queen Elisabeth ,was sent to reform all territories under British intelligence that still control NSA, FBI, CIA at top levels.. One would alway know the bad guy, he they guy that does not belong in the territory calling the other guy the terrorist.

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