[ MEANWHILE . . while the world is fretting about “TOOTHPASTE BOMBS” . . . ]

In every major world wide events such as civil wars, world wars, revolutions, rebellions, terrorism, assassinations, political, social and all kinds of turmoils or chaos – the Jesuits are the orchestrator. Many historians and writers such as ERIC JON PHELPS, AVRO MANHATTAN, ALBERTO RIVERA, JOHN LOFTUS, EDMUND PARIS, DARYL EBERHART, DAVID GUYAT, ALEXANDER JAMES, CHARLES CHINIQUY, JOSE RIZAL, AND OTHERS point their finger to the Jesuits and the Vatican as the culprits.

The Jesuits are also the culprits and detonated the Atomic Bomb blast in Hiroshima during the closing end of World War II. The Jesuits are also the culprits for the Sinking Of Titanic killing John Jacob Astor on board who is against the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank – A Privately Owned Bank. And Jesuit’s boys (satanic bloodlines) meeting better known as the Creatures of the Jekyll Island).

The Roman Catholic Church is a mere continuation of the Roman Empire (Julius Ceasar, Nero, Constantin, Agustus Ceasar, etc.) and the Jesuit Order is the old Roman Empire Pretorian Guard where NAZI SS was pattern from the Jesuit Order. NAZI notorious general Reinhard Ghelen trained and created the CIA and the Israeli Masonic-Zionist MOSSAD. In the Philippines, the Light A Fire Movement during Marcos regime was led by Ed Olaguer and master-minded by the Jesuit Order. Fr. Romeo “Archie” Intengan and Norberto Gonzales (GMA’s National Security Adviser)

The 9/11 WTC Terrorist Attack was ordered by the Jesuit General – Count Peter Hans Kolvenbach according to Eric Jon Phelps. The masonic Osama bin Ladin praised the attack allowed by the traitor to the American people George W. Bush a member of the secret society Skull & Bones. I’ve a picture of Bush Sr. & Bush Jr. including Gen. Eisenhower inside the satanic worship location in the Bohemian Grove in California. Inside the Bohemian Grove, the Jesuit practice satanic rituals. The Jesuit Order are also sorcerers, like Ignatius Loyola founder of the Jesuit Order levitate above the ground during meditation according to Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit Priest.


Current Events, Blood Moons, and Heavenly Things with Alexander Backman

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  1. Hitler was well aware Rothschild Zionist (fake Jews) were embedded within every European-Gov, also they were involved in 'The Great Stab In Back' of Germany (Rothschild's Balfour Agreement), and readily agreed with Rothschild-Germans 'Transfer Agreement', of need to ship German Jews and their wealth to Palestine (good riddance)… from years 1933 until 1940-41…. at this point because of war shipping the rest to Labor Camps, as did Pres-Roosevelt did Japanese Americans during WWll.

  2. Why do you think that the devil would attack God's people more than anyone and that they would certainly use rome to do it?
    You continually remind me of how stupid you are and how you have not either done the research but also that you don't know scripture and continually use emotion to control the people.  So, bugger off.  You, and people like you that work for the system are coming to an end.  The Lord is going to make himself known to people and you will have nothing to do with it.  You will be taken out of the way..  that is coming, very soon.  Go hide yourself in the caves.

  3. You lying bastard and are no son of the Living God.
    Shimon Peres is a jesuit and Netanyahu is a mason.  They are working against the jews and in league with the vatican.  You guys are not very good at hiding your agenda and that is to isolate the jews.  You've tried your media, your so called  alternative media, everything.  Those that are stayed upon the truth of God see right through you.
    You are bastards, every one of you.
    You don't need to be afraid of someone like me. The Lord is coming to deal with you.  You will be shaking in your boots

  4. Prince Bernhard was known as agent orange in his SS nazi years and was involved and affiliated with IG Farben and later with Knights of Malta John F. Queeny who was founder of Monsanto. They have set us, America up to crash and burn after they raped and killed her. That is why many elite are setting up house in other poor countries, but rich in resources, to start the game over after they totally destroy America. That's ok, because there are plenty of FEMA camps to go around and made especially for them and all their wicked cohorts! That's why the bobwire that surrounds these FEMA camps is facing outward so no one can get in to hurt them.

  5. I have been to Little St. Simons Island and stayed there as a guest. That is where the meetings took a place; a private island well-stocked with big exotic game, even nowadays. 45 minute boat ride through the swamps or landing by plane on the beach are the only ways to get there.

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