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  1. The Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit order are the main tools of Satan himself to destroy all real Christians, and to literally take control of the whole world. The church is leading all their 1.5 billion followers straight to Hell.
    They are everything that is pure evil, with a fake front as a Christian organization.

  2. Amen! We know the Vatican is at the top of the Illuminati! Check out Pastor John Eric Phelps. His video's are a modern continuation of work like discussed here. His videos are quickly taken down. HIGHLY suggest downloading them & ALL other videos while you still can! YouTube is owned by Google. Google is on a mission to CENSOR the TRUTH & anything that exposes / goes against the formation of the New World Order & the One World Religion.. which is ALREADY formed & being taught to students around the world. It's called: World Good Will or also known as Lucis Trust. World Good Will is a creation of the UN… Funded & supported by the UN. Lucis Trust was 1st known as Lucifer Trust. It's more EXPLICIT of it's worship of Illuminati's FALSE Christ… Lucifer. Lucis Trust is also the SOLE publisher of the UN's documents.. world wide. If you go to Lucius Trust's or World Good Will's websites you'll see they are LINKED to each other! Keep opening other's eyes! The end is not far at all! God Bless YOU, my Brothers & Sisters! Our TRUE SAVIOR has ALREADY OVERCOME!

  3. I'm glad somebody knows their history. All this anti-Jesuit propaganda (which has no real foundation historically or even logically whatsoever) is ridiculous and downright laughable. The suppression of the Jesuit order in the 18th century led to the rise of Enlightenment thinking and other anti-Catholic movements. Now people are trying to lump them together with Jewry and Freemasonry? Complete nonsense. Jesuits have done nothing but give charity, build schools and hospitals, and risked their lives living in harsh environments only to evangelize others. What they accomplished in places like Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, China, Japan, Vietnam, etc. and many other places around the world goes unmatched by any other group of people. Whenever any colonists or settlers were trying to enslave native populations, the Jesuits protected them, lived with them, learned their cultures, educated them, provided medical care, and taught them civility through the Gospel. Now they are being targeted with lies and slander just because they are the largest Catholic order. The globalists want them gone in order to weaken the Church's resolve and destroy their influence. But we know better. History isn't going to be rewritten by YouTube trolls making ludicrous videos such as this.

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  5. Well, clearly, the Catholic Church is still here after almost 2000 years. It has certainly been tried by many to overthrow it from without and from within, almost without reprieve for the entire two millennium. Jews, Romans, Vandals, Heretics, Islam, Protestants, Pedophiles, the French Revolution, Modernists, Hitler, Communists, and many others, one group after another, have tried and failed, and yet the Church still stands. It is the oldest, and the largest, and the longest lasting institution on earth. Having said that, aren't you compelled to agree that the Catholic Church is of the work of GOD and not of men? Despite all of this constant attack, the Catholic Church has grown to well over one billion (1,245,000,000*)

  6. Actually Mark and I are Apostolic Born Again Christians!    We pray for the Catholics, but even when we go to Catholic Funerals, the priest reject us, because we are not Catholic.   The priest won't even talk to us when we nicely ask.   Now I KNOW that is NOT the Will of All Mighty GOD!     Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!  Jane.  Acts 2: 38-39, Matthew 7:13-15.  Daniel 12:1.  

  7. Mark my husband grew up in the Upper Echelon Catholic Orphanages in New York City.   He was forced Away from his Mother, who was French!   She never gave him up, and to this day the Catholic Church 52 years later Refuse to give My Husband or any other Orphan their Birth Certificate – Even with ALL of the Information!   

    We went to a Private Attorney last year, just to have him send a request letter for Mark's Birth Certificate, then he told us to come back in a month.   We came about 30 minutes early for our appointment. He asked us, "Well what can I do for you?"  Then we explained we had been there a month ago for the letter.  Then when he called us back in, he said, "I don't know what you're here about, No I never said I would send a letter like that and I wouldn't!

    2 days later in a local grocery store, the receptionists came over to us.   She was doing her grocery shopping and so were we.   She told us that She and her family were Threatened by the Cannon Lawyers of the Catholic Church!   That Everyone in the Office was and all of their Families!   That's why the attorney said he didn't even know us.   She said that she didn't know what was going on, but she wasn't Catholic anymore because of it!   

    I thought they were suppose to like Christian?    But they are nothing like, especially they are not Biblical!   Baptism can only be a Choice!   DEEP Water Baptism is the ONLY WAY!   And Bishops are to be godly Daddy's and husband's!   And that's just a few things.   Mark hasn't been Catholic since he was 18 when he was kicked out with a $100.00 bill.   That's they way ALL Catholic Orphans get done.  They all get kicked out on the 18th Birthday or within a few days after.   And you see, Mark was never available to be adopted because his mother never gave him up.

    So both Mark and I are Born Again Christians and he holds no evil intent, But he knows that being Catholic is NOT THE TRUTH!  Sorry, but that's the absolute truth!

    Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!  Jane.

  8. I went on a Jesuit retreat.  They are the most Christian spiritually discipline and Gospel grounded people you will ever meet.  That is why they are always under attack.  Satan does not go after people who do not threaten him.  He does however put all his energy into attacking those who threaten him.  Think about it.   Jesuits have changed the world by introducing public schools hospitals and spreading the gospel to places no one else would ever dare go.   Today Jesuits are in China and the Middle East while people like Joel Osteen make 10 millions preaching and living like a king while robbing foolish Americans.   When Joel was asked how he felt about making millions off the gospel while most of his followers live day to day he said  "I hope my followers will one day be blessed like me." 

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