Holy Mass with Pope Francis from Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland 26 August 2018 HD

Apostolic Journey of Pope Francis to Ireland for the 9th World Meeting of Families. Holy Mass with Pope Francis, for the Conclusion of the 9th World Meeting of Families, from Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland.
Viaggio apostolico di Papa Francesco in Irlanda per il 9 ° Incontro mondiale delle famiglie. Santa Messa con Papa Francesco, per la conclusione del 9 ° Incontro mondiale delle famiglie, da Phoenix Park, Dublino, Irlanda.
Voyage apostolique du pape François en Irlande pour la 9ème Rencontre mondiale des familles. Messe avec le pape François pour la conclusion de la 9ème Rencontre mondiale des familles, à Phoenix Park, Dublin, Irlande.
Apostolische Reise von Papst Franziskus nach Irland zum 9. Weltfamilientreffen in Dublin. Eucharistiefeier mit Papst Franziskus im Phoenix Park, Dublin

Viaje apostólico del Papa Francisco a Irlanda para el 9 ° Encuentro Mundial de las Familias. Santa Misa con el Papa Francisco, para la celebración del IX Encuentro Mundial de las Familias, desde Phoenix Park, Dublín, Irlanda.
Viagem Apostólica do Papa Francisco à Irlanda para o 9º Encontro Mundial das Famílias. Santa Missa com o Papa Francisco, para a conclusão do 9º Encontro Mundial das Famílias, de Phoenix Park, Dublin, Irlanda.
IX Światowe Spotkanie Rodzin w Dublinie
Msza Święta w Phoenix Park.


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  1. The crisis of the Church did not happen overnight, The communist infiltrated on the 40 th A will known Communist by the name Bella Dodds recruited many communist to joined the Preisthood, the Enemy of God is trying to destroyed the Papacy, they will not succeed, the foundations are Solid, which is Our Lord Jesus Christ, It happened before in the Garden of Gethsemane , when the abandoned him and betray by Judas Iscariot. Nowadays to manys Judas ,in the house of God .The Apostles come back, and all of them die as a Martyr of the faith like Our Lord Jesus Christ .The Catholic Church will always planted by the seed of the Martyrs who die for the Love of God,The true Church. ONE HOLY CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC CHURCH FUNDED BY JESUS CHRIST .

  2. Everything that has gone wrong with the Church in one easy lesson .. and that's without plastic cups for handing out the blessed Christ bread from the Jesus Table .. or whatever most of the attendees now understand/ believe about what they are doing (including the pastors).

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