Hour Of The Truth – The Jesuit Vatican Global Conspiracy – Intro

This is part 2 of our last broadcast on ‘Hour Of The Truth’, in two parts so we can get it also on BlogTalkRadio (link provided)
On this Broadcast we will start reading and discussing the booklet
‘The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy’
I, Jörg from YouTube channel joggler66 am the host of the shows and I will have guests who will participate in the conversation.
The basis of authority in these broadcasts is the 1611 King James Bible, the only uncorrupted WORD OF GOD in the English language today.
My Guest today is Walt Stickle from http://www.granddesignexposed.com/
Make sure to visit that website for further studies on all subjects concerning the Jesuits and the NWO (Old World Order Restored)
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This is the homepage of Hour Of The Truth:
where you can find the broadcasts after recording, additional links and information. You can not only listen to the broadcasts but also download them in mp3 format to spread the messages to other brothers and sisters in Christ.
You may also, under creative commons rules, re-upload and share this video.
Documents and research used for this broadcast/video (aside from the ones pasted in the video itself):
Mystery Babylon News Radio
This will be the read:
The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy
If you have any questions concerning other links or whatever question you have you can contact me via commenting on the video or sending a PM in YT.
Almost forbidden books (PDF library!)


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  1. Brothers, while reading William Cooper's Behold a Pale Horse I was struck by this quote, which relates to the Philadelphia enigma…
    "In 1884 Pope Leo XIII issued
    a proclamation stating that Masonry was one of the secret societies attempting
    to "revive the manners and customs of the pagans'' and "establish
    Satan's kingdom on Earth." Piers Compton, in his book The Broken
    Cross, traces the infiltration of the Catholic Church by the Illuminati. He
    has found the use of the all-seeing eye in the triangle by leading Catholics
    and by the Jesuits. It was used in the seal of the Philadelphia Eucharistic
    Congress in 1976. It was on a special issue of Vatican stamps in 1978,
    announcing the final Illuminati victory to the world. Mr. Compton claims
    that Pope John XXIII wore the "all-seeing eye in the triangle" on his
    personal cross. Compton is adamant that several HUNDRED leading
    Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals are members of secret societies. He
    quotes an article in an Italian Journal that lists more than 70 Vatican
    officials, including Pope Paul VI's private secretary, the director general of
    Vatican radio, the Archbishop of Florence, the prelate of Milan, the assistant
    editor of the Vatican newspaper, several Italian bishops, and the abbot
    of the Order of St. Benedict. Those are only the ones that are known and
    only the ones known in Italy. It is widely believed that THIS Pope, John
    Paul XXII, is a member of the Illuminati. I believe, according to my research,
    that it is true. The best indication of infiltration is that on November
    27,1983, the Pope retracted all of the Papal Bulls against Freemasonry
    and allowed Catholics, after several hundred years, to again become members
    of secret societies without fear of excommunication. The goal of the
    Illuminati to elect one of their own to the Papacy appears to have come to
    fruition. If that is the case, the New World Order is just on the horizon.
    Now is the time." p.87
    2015-1976=39… 13 x 3, Amazing hey!

  2. I'm not an engineer, but give me a break ! The perimeter beams were all H.S.S (hollow structural steel), with plates welded together every four feet or so. I am an ironworker by trade. Those buildings were totally over engineered.
          No one even wants to hear about # 7. No one wants to hear about the fact that no other structural buildings have ever collapsed due to fire. I'm sick of dealing with all of the willfully deluded retards. Most people don't want to accept the truth !

  3. Thank you ! you've just confirmed my exact thoughts on Eric Jon Phelps, I tried listening to him a long time ago and just felt like he had an underlining agenda now I know for sure. Unreal all the dis-info agents out there, Alex Jones that one !! ugh. Hour of the truth another very informative program. There are a few good documentaries on 911 that are very good and all the hidden information and people still close their eyes and let the governments do what they want which we know is ruled by the jesuits. The jesuit controlled media owns the world. I call this the satanic mind-hive. Always in my prayers  God Bless and keep you

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