Hour Of The Truth – The SDA, 501(c)3 & The Jesuits Today

Episode 25 (recorded 8/20/2015)
On this Broadcast we will first address the Seventh Day Adventist Church and it’s teaching through the years. This church, like ANY other Protestant church, fell into apostasy (read the book of Revelation for understanding). Next to Jesuit infiltration (after being founded through Freemasonry) the trick used by the government of the USA was started by (later) US president Lyndon B. Johnson in 1954 with legislation of the 501c3 tax exempt status, which turns the churches into government agencies.
Later in the broadcast we continue reading in the booklet Walt Stickle put together, ‘The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy’ in a new chapter taken from Michael de Semleyn’s book ‘All Roads Lead To Rome’, named ‘The Jesuits Today’.
The basis of authority in these broadcasts is the 1611 King James Bible, the only uncorrupted WORD OF GOD in the English language today.
My Guest and Co-host today is Walt Stickle from http://www.granddesignexposed.com/
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  1. http://www.granddesignexposed.com/ something seems wrong to me with this page…
    It seems to take the eyes unto the Jews and not unto Rome. Yet Rome is the Head and Zionism is the tail – yet it seems the page is promoting the other way around.

    I had 2 other Christians that had good information on Romanism and then turned and went on to bash the Jews as to say and promote that they where really not Jews at all, they where false jews… Just outrageous theory and full of holes as Jews have come to Israel from all over the Earth.

    To my knowledge Ignatius Loyola was never a crypto Jew? and yet the webpage is saying that. Just seems the page is pushing for the Scapegoat of the Jews and leaving the focus of Romanism.

    Of cause the Jesuits would need to try to point the people to the Jews and faulting them so they can get the heat from them self and the Catholic Whore.

    You know more then me on these things Joggler – but something just seems wrong to me with the page.

  2. The obelisk caught my eye at one point. I looked into it. In that era anyone who died and was somewhat important for any worldly deed had a landmark ( obelisk) on their. graves. I Google earthed the cemetery and saw many obelisks. Many issues brought out to light about the SDA'S are not xalvation issues. I think if speakers against EGW would read her writings they would see how she foretold about the planes, the NYtowers, and specially the End Times. Sure there is infiltration of the Jesuits, Their agenda is infiltrate, do as they do, earn their confidence, then control and destroy from within but regardless of this , God's remnant will prevail.
    God loves everyone, not sin, He wants to save us, HIS SON'S blood was she'd on the cross for our redemption.
    Satan wants to have us blinded, sidetracked, paying attention to mere unimportant issues and has many soldiers in ALL areas to bombard our brains with doubt. The Jesuits are in government, in ALL churches, even the Pope is Jesuit which is something never allowed before. So calm down, try to see the reality, if certain things such as this cannot be changed, lets just keep seeking the Lord, confess our sins, follow JESUS for HE is the light and the way!
    SDA church will be disipated, just a matter of time. Please read EGW you will find God's message for YOU! She opens, expands the Bible readings. If you don't feel the Holy Spirit after praying for it maybe more prayer is needed. After reading her writing 's then…..trash her!! Continue your life as it was if possible. She is no longer on this earth to defend herself so I believe the only FAIR thing to do is read and reason, if you find nothing new in her writings nothing for the future and nothing happening as she wrote, then I suggest you burn any book read not to see again. In the end many will question their pastor or spiritual leader why did they not tell them the TRUTH! I pray for any and all who read this unknown to me but known by name by OUR CREATOR. May God Bless you and keep you!!

  3. I have a hard time accepting Joggler 66's rebuttal of The Great Controversy without having never read it or any of Ellen White writings which borders on hypocrisy when he then goes on to say that the SDA have contributed to the truth we now enjoy today.
    The SDA have seriously been infiltrated by the Jesuits pretty much from it's inception of whom I believe John Kellogg was and operative but Ellen White repeatedly wrote about the dangers of this in her writing called The Omega of Heresy's.
    He makes remarks that the SDA was a Jesuit formed church but offers no substantial historical proof of what he claims so his words and deductive reasoning are his own opinion tantamount to sounding brass.
    Many, if not most institutionalized meetings have been infiltrated and subverted by Jesuit papal doctrines so the focus on the SDA is unwarranted.
    Too believe that the KJV interpretation is untainted or has not been compromised is foolishness beyond belief and no matter what version is out there, different interpretations do better jobs at translating certain verses so to reprimand Mr. Veith because he uses different versions to more clearly explain his point is foolishness on Joggler 66's parts so before Mr. Joggler 66 attempts to removes the fleck in other peoples eyes he should remove the plank from his own eye..

  4. I boggles my mind how these people can associate the SDA church with the reformation. The SDA church was started over 350 years later. I never read one of the reformers say Jesus was the Angel Michael. Again read Hebrews 1. These people are sneaky. I will not be listening to tom friess anymore.

  5. Joggler66, the SDA organisation has ALREADY succumbed and buckled to the government's 501 (C) (3).  There are even churches 'set aside' separate from the rest of our congregations in America, for homosexual 'Adventists' to attend.  Homosexuality is named as an abomination by God Himself, no matter WHAT mere human beings may want to call it, and it is forbidden by God, just as in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah.  Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever – God's Word and His requirements do not, and never will, change.  Additionally, as to the control that governments using this 501 legislation now have over the church, we were warned by God's prophet that if we united with government agencies, political powers etc. this was against God's will and it would bring sure punishment and bind us up under their control.  We are now reaping what has been sown, and they are in a very tight fix indeed.  They signed up for this agreement with the government to TRY TO HOARD money, against God's direction.  Now if they want to get out of it they will have to backpay taxes amount to possibly even billions of dollars.  As the Bible says, just because men don't receive immediate punishment they continue on doing wrong and rebelling, but the day of God's retribution WILL always arrive!  "The wheels of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small".

  6. Blessings from northern California~  Just wanted to drop a line and tell you I found your channel today and in the first six minutes of this video it could have been me saying the things you did.  Confession, I haven't yet finished it but wanted to come here and tell you that and let you know I've subbed your channel.  I agree with you on the KJV, I have listened to Walter Veith and agree with you he's giving good information, but I also agree that because the SDA church (I'm not a member of any church) has gone 501 on us big time and shows it by all their occult symbolism, I don't trust them, either.  I agree that Ellen White is not a prophetess as her teachings (and the graphics therein) are resplendent in occult symbolism, too.  Can't wait to see what else you have to say. Thank you for this testimony, brother!  Through Jesus' blood is our salvation through faith alone!  God bless and keep you safe and strong in Jesus' Holy and powerful name.

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