Episode 25 (recorded 8/20/2015)
On this Broadcast we will first address the Seventh Day Adventist Church and it’s teaching through the years. This church, like ANY other Protestant church, fell into apostasy (read the book of Revelation for understanding). Next to Jesuit infiltration (after being founded through Freemasonry) the trick used by the government of the USA was started by (later) US president Lyndon B. Johnson in 1954 with legislation of the 501c3 tax exempt status, which turns the churches into government agencies.
Later in the broadcast we continue reading in the booklet Walt Stickle put together, ‘The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy’ in a new chapter taken from Michael de Semleyn’s book ‘All Roads Lead To Rome’, named ‘The Jesuits Today’.
The basis of authority in these broadcasts is the 1611 King James Bible, the only uncorrupted WORD OF GOD in the English language today.
My Guest and Co-host today is Walt Stickle from http://www.granddesignexposed.com/
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  1. No, not ridiculing pronunciation, not critizing you. But, rather Walter, your guest. You see when you broadcast or publish, it's as if it were primetime, you can't claim to know what you are talking about when you stumble on common every day words. You lose all credibility when you say REMINENT, or moderen day.  That's the point Herr Jorg.

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