How and Why the Globe lie was Perpetrated and what it all Means

Information about the Jesuits and the Catholic Church, how they have tried to disprove the geocentric model to make way for the greatest deception in history, the current heliocentric model and what it all means.
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  1. When and whatever comes…will be home grown.
    Meaning in the future…either the false Messiah and or Alien form, will have been concocted and manipulated from earth!!!

    But as they think they're running this Earth…the wicked are always being watched.
    Spirit form is watching.

    Halleluyah brother's​ and sister's.

  2. I do know that sunday law is not the mark of the beast. If you have the holy spirit you are sealed with the spirit of truth. You will not get the mark of the beast because you are already sealed with the spirit of God

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