How is the Jesuit Oath Tied to the One World Religion?

What does the Jesuit Oath have to do with the Ecumenism? How is the Jesuit Oath tied to the one world religion?


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  1. All roads lead to Rome the Vatican the grey pope, black pope and white pope and Jesuits are controlling the world leaders, they serve Satan. 8 were Noah's ark, one son ham diverted and his family that divert is the grey pope bloodline. UN IS SETUP FR THE ANTICHRIST. KEY FOR 666 IS ANITARTICAL

  2. Hi love your videos! I wanted 2 ask you if you knew ir not that Tim Kaine and Bill Clinton are jesuits, among many others in U.S. government? I really pray that they do not get in office The Clinton's and Tim Kaine are evil!! Thank you for your help to understand the word of God and Jesus Christ. God bless you

  3. The holy book says 1/3 well be in control of of the beast . I think you need to look at asia minor as the holy book tells not rome .Istanbul was call Constantinople also sits on 7 hills , and the holy book say satan sits there — in Turkey . The same place where Constantine from Christian religious Al Mahdi { the one that guides} and Jesus son of mary (Nabi Isa) 'Alayhi Salam'} { the Islam Jesus you should learn these's names REV 13 tells about them — But i must ask the pope worship the say jesus you do and you call him the antichrist —I don;t get it !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Btw…I keep trying to explain to people who want to down grade Jesus. People don't seem to understand unless you believe Jesus is who He says He is, you will die in your sins. All sins will be forgiven except for blasphemy of The Holy Spirit. I strongly believe blasphemy of The Holy Spirit is not accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Like you say, no one gets to The Father unless thru Jesus !!! Thanks for sharing !!! May The Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you !!!!

  5. Check out Globe Trekker's Poland program. Megan McCormick showed John Paul's former Church he was over and the entire walls were surrounded by Skull and Bones. Also under the basement were skull and bones. What I mean by skull and bones I mean human skull and bones 🙁 I tried to find this show on you tube and was not able to find it. But it will blow you away. I do know Ratzinger did not want freemasons into catholic religions. The Jesuit oath is wild. If this is true and not made up(and I wouldn't be surprised if it is true)…wow !! Check out the Poland show of Globe Trekkers. Thanks for sharing !!! May The Lord continue to bless you !!!!

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