How Jesuits & Freemasons Control Education, Science & Entertainment PART 2

As usual, my LiveStream cutout at about halfway through.
This is part 2 of 2

Sorry that it’s been so long since my last livestream.

But I figure with the latest number of Bogdanoff vids I uploaded, I should at least check in with the family to let you all know that, no I’ve taken no Bog Pill. I just reported information that the family was obviously hungry for

Now onto some REAL discussions about the source of all things that matter in this society; science, education and entertainment.

How they’ve been hijacked for hundreds of years by secret societies that are working together to keep mankind at its lowest state possible, by keeping them lost in a web of lies, false history, forced science and indoctrinated educational system.

If you were never able to connect the dots between the Freemasons and the Jesuits, then you are going to want to see this video. You KNOW I got proof



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  1. Yup one big satanic deception.And yes a shit ton of work has been put into it so much so that the majority of people do not see or believe in any deception whatsoever.It like that saying about convincing people that the devil doesn't exist. Well he's kinda running the show on earth and his handy work is everywhere.

  2. Lucifer is a myth out of Mesopotamian fables 🙂
    You evil morons w your babble about architecture and telescopes are bananas.
    Secrets ! Beasts ! Harlots ! Shitheads galore !! No one has to turn a telescope upside down to see your tiny brains and twisted psyches.

  3. I teach my kids to question everything. My daughter's teachers earn their paychecks. I have her back when teachers don't appreciate an inquisitive mind.

    My son the other day had me rolling tho. We were talking abt questioning teachers in respectful way. I like to have this lil conversation shortly before school starts. Reminding my daughter being argumentative & rude is not the same as questioning things that don't make sense & having polite debate if you disagree. He eventually says. "We can question what everyone says except you. Right,mom?….bc you're always right & the boss"

    At least he knows…. lol

  4. It is why The Library of Alexandria was never re-built; They want all the knowledge. It is why priests can't get married; they want all the money. Greed, power, control, whatever- they want IT all; they want EVERYTHING!

    Appreciate ppl like you. And so saddened by the blinded haters that come to this channel just to fight & hold onto their brainwashing.

    It's ok to disagree. It's ok to provide constructive critism but just hating…. Ugh! They often say things like "get a life" but it seems to me the ones that go around just being ugly need to follow their own advice

  5. The Vatican City of France in Washington DC are the only Sovereign city states in the world same obelisk. France is the bank Rome is the authority and Washington DC is the War Machine also known as Corporate America. You're on do it Harvey there's all this and so much more waiting for you to find. This place is f*** up. And it's planned from the beginning

  6. You've been Lex Willed but I Like it.,. keep talking. Show more without cynicism beat Lex ………Challenge! Hey Lex The truth is the truth. And YOU ARE ORDERDED TO KEEP GOING! Both of You! NBL (Nothin But Love)

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