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  1. This is the beginning of being separated from jesus eternally JESUS just saved my little friend two days ago who was on his way to get the chip I cried shared JESUS truth against this Mark that's here he took my hand said the sinners prayer after over 3yrs me sharing the GOOD NEWS with him JESUS Christ king of kings HALLEUGH he's now saved AMEN Don't get this evil Mark please turn to JESUS now REPENT STAY STRONG BE COURAGEOUS IN GODS WORD living in This evil world we in JESUS Grace AMEN not the law AMEN praying always for our earth full of zombies its being 😭😢😢😢

  2. As far as I'm concerned when that day happens it's time to die. I'm so sick of people and their bullshit of "I Don't Want To Die". Everybody dies. Nobody's garanteed to live to be 99 years old. My son proved that to me when he died at the age of 2. This life is a temporary stage. I hope I'll be passed on before this chipping bullshit happens, but if not then that will be my curtain call to go.

  3. The Anti-Christ Revealed

    I was born and raised in the United states. I have studied the Bible the Quran , Confusion analects, Hindu Vegas , as well as different denominations . I found it very interesting the similarities between Judaism , Islam and Christianity ,yet how can the Nation of Islam have salvation because in the Quran ( surah 4:157 ),Yeshua was taken to Allah as another man was made to look like Yeshua and he was crucified instead of Yeshua…….so in Islam there is no blood sacrifice for sin. As well in Judaism they deny Yeshua as messiah , It's a shame. What Yeshua did for us was the most pure act of love . It is understanding and believing this act that changes the way we live our lives. What do you do when you believe something? ( Romans 10:9-10).
    What I understand involves the end times. I would like to share a bit with you . Did you ever see a connection with the election signs everywhere ,(TrumpPence) ? In revelation it speaks of many Trumpet Blast! (Revelation13:11) refers to a false prophet who will get people to worship the Beast by worshiping the system of the anti Christ (micro chip) One that I would like to share is who the anti Christ (Beast) is ,and it is never who people suspect or believe. William Henry Gates lll. He is responsible for the system that the microchip and Artificial Intelligence will control in our world (revelation ‪13:17‬) .

    The anti-Christ is calculated and revealed ,for it is the number of a man , and he will get all, great and small free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand ( if missing) or forehead . That no man may buy or sell with out it.

    6 = day of man

    A-6. — A-6
    B-12. — B-3
    C-18. — C-9
    D-24. — D-6
    E-30. — E-3
    F-36. — F-9
    G-42. — G-6
    H-48. — H-3
    I – 54. — I -9
    J -60. — J-6
    K -66. — K-3
    L-72. — L-9
    M-78 — M-6
    N-84. — N-3
    O-90. — O-9
    P-96. —- P-6
    Q-102. —- Q-3
    R-108. — R-9
    S-114. — S-6
    T-120. — T-3
    U-126. — U-9
    V-132. — V-6
    W-138. — W-3
    X-144. — X-9
    Y-150. — Y-6
    Z-156. — Z-3

    W. I. L. L. I. A. M
    1+3+8+5+4+7+2+7+2+ 5+4+ 6+7+8 = 6+9 = 1+5= SIX
    H. E. N. R. Y.
    4+8+3+0+8+4+1+0+8+1+5+0= 4+2= SIX
    G. A. T. E. S.
    4+2+6+1+2+0+3+0+1+1+4= 2+4= SIX

    (Revelation ‪13:17-18‬)

    Bill Gates the philanthropist…….. Scary because he is so hidden in our society and his love of money is shared by the masses… Revelation 16:13,14 ….” three unclean spirits come out of the mouth of dragon the beast and the false prophet as it were frogs “ to understand this scripture look up Vril reptilians …

    Mark in Greek is Charagma (khar'-ag-mah)
    Which means:
    A scratch or etching, a
    stamp .
    ( as a badge of servitude)
    six hundred sixty six= chi xi stigma
    στίγμα stígma, stig'-
    mah; from a primary
    στίζω stízō (to "stick", i.e. prick); a mark incised or punched (for recognition of ownership), i.e. (figuratively) scar of service:—mark.

    How about Barak Obama, direct translation is…lightening from heaven ( Luke 10:18) “and I saw satan fall as lightening from heaven”
    The harvest is before us
    ( HR 4919 – Kevin and Avonte's Law of 2016) . The microchip implantation will be this moment that people will have to make a decision,not go along with the system that our mighty country will put in place. Refusal to take the micro chip for some that will be escape to (Mathew 24:15) trees and mountains,etc and others that stand against the government for what they believe is religious freedom will be beheaded…. Obama care code: ICD9hE978 . FEMA camps are filled with millions of plastic coffin liners and guillotines
    (HB 1274 was written by state legislator Doug Teper in order to provide for the possibility of organ donation from the bodies of executed prisoners. Lethal injection and electrocution render organs unsuitable for transplantation, but decapitation leaves them intact. The bill never even was allowed to come up for a full vote by the state legislature ) .
    Our world is falling to pieces before our eyes and people are standing and fighting for all the wrong reasons .. Not working , breaking things that are not theirs, standing up for what they believe is a God givin right to make their own choices no matter what the harm is and to who.
    September 23 2017 was the great sign in heaven that revelation 12:1-4 tells us about. That marks the beginning of the 7 year tribulation. The Abomination that causes desolation standing in the holy place, will be when they make a law microchipping babies at birth around March of 2021. We are so close to this micro chip system. Bill Gates just praised President elect Donald Trump as like JFK because they will unite the country in innovation ,as did JFK on going to the moon …That innovation will be the microchip . You will see it and hear of it more and more…If this is something that you already know you will not accept then you need to start making preparations now ….time goes by with no regard and suddenly we stand before something that preparation , knowledge and our mental and physical state will play major part in what decision we make. All that refuse the micro chip and flee for safety will eventually see China bring military here to fulfill Isaiah 13…
    with Russia guiding them to come get their 1.157 trillion owed to them and desecrate the land with full knowledge of American government . We are already betrayed but not like they are going to betray us….
    On our Exodus from society we will need the ability to protect ourselves and to hunt for food . There will be women and children in our care. That means being prepared to survive off the grid and protect those that cannot protect themselves from plenty of militia groups that will also rebel from the government and not receive the gps trackable micro chip …Not everyone that refuses the micro chip are the children of God. The day of the innocent being attacked is coming to an end.
    The rapture is when our savior returns after the great tribulation, as 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 tells us…. also refer to revelation 10:7 ( final trumpet) and Revelation 16:17 ( 7th bowl) Both scriptures refer to the end. Completed. Done.

    Revelation 7:3,4 tells us of the 144,000 sealed of God . Revelations 14:4,5 tells us that it is a remnant that has devoted their life to God ( 144,000,some sort of priesthood) And are virgins and have not defiled themselves with women and no lie was found in them …. ( that defiantly does not describe me or the majority of Christians I know). Then there is the remnant ( those that are prepared and flee this system) that will come through the great tribulation, having washed themselves clean by the blood of the Lamb and there is a third remnant ( revelation 20:4 ) the saints that will die for the testimony of our savior , Jesus. That is in part what the FEMA camps are for.

    Anyone who receives this mark will share in the wrath of God un-diluted in the cup of his indignation . For those of you that are looking for a zombie apocalypse then you should read and understand this scripture ( Revelation 9:6) . A chosen demographic will receive a microchip encapsulated with cyanide .
    By allowing this very specific micro chip for a very specific purpose inside your body that according to (1Corinthians ‪6:19-20‬) is where the Holy Spirit of God resides. That means Temple. You are then giving up your eternal spirit for destruction ( Revelation 14 : 9-12) . As it is written where your treasure is there also will your heart be.

    Have you looked at anything CERN in Switzerland is doing? Trying to open a doorway to other dimensions !(Revelation 9:2).. Abyss???( Revelation 9:3-5) speaks of bound spirits will be released and those spirits will inhabit the spiritless that have received the microchip . I believe that these great locust that torment those that do not have the seal of God will be these spirits released from the abyss in control of drones and will be in control also of the military personnel .

    The Mandela effect is the door closing as in Noah's day. (Mathew 24:37) …. The door is closing …… There is plenty to be revealed and understood more clearly . I have an open mind and I'm very interested in like minds with working together to be prepared … To know the proper provisions and at the proper time ….

    The link is a 4 min video I made of some of the poverty I've seen in this world, every man , woman and child received food , medicine and water , clothing or all from me personally and I wanted people to get involved in feeding the poorest of the earth because in (Mathew 25 31-46) I don't think Christians today understand the reality of that scripture for them on this mighty day prophesied thousands of years ago. However without a way to get re-compensation ( ie , tax right off) they were not interested .

    Wisdom from above

    Contact for recommended supplies.

  4. I don't like… I DON'T LIKE IT!
    The day when we will not be able to BUY OR SELL without 'THE MARK" on your HAND,,
    that day is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!
    The HOLY BIBLE spoke about this, THOUSANDS OF YEARS before….
    "let him who hath understanding reckon the number"

  5. So how do the idiots protect themselves from having their info stolen, wear foil gloves? The chip is not the size of a grain of rice. It is half an inch long. Idiots. The liability lawyers are waiting for them to get cancer.

  6. Just like they were planning on doing this when Obamacare first got released. It’s not gonna happen in 2018. And if you’re a Christian you need to act like one And focus on Christ. The RF ID is your idol currently

  7. Let me offer a bit of a revisal: NO ONE will be "forced" to take the "Mark Of The Beast" – You will be given a "choice". "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    I implore you people in this waning hour to grow spiritually and in faith. Put away your phones, throw away your television, and learn again, NOW how to survive. God has put everything you need on this Earth, but you need genuine faith to have a relationship with God Almighty. To think that when this system is put into place (it already is in China and India) and the power goes out that because you said the "Sinner's Prayer" that you'll be ready, you only deceive yourself. Put away the things of the world; these things are not of God.

    Yes we need to eat, but God said, "look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them".

    If you see this message, store it away in your heart. Do not put off, because tomorrow is promised to no one, and you will not be ready!

    God bless you all.

  8. If Christianity is the ultimate truth, then it's best advised 2go 2those mountains that JC or God advices His ppl 2go 2… & I mean LITERALLY ! If the Bible's 100%, the only safe spot left would be2 go2 those mountains, but not just that, also having the Holy Spirit w u.

    I'm not Christian, but I'm not linear either! May whoever innocent be & remain safe. Plz be careful! ♥

  9. Please publish and distribute this effectice prayer:

    This prayer throws 50 000 demons to hell,

    therefore it is necessary to pray it as often as possible.

    Gift from God (trinity god) through the Holy Archangel Michael

    on his feast day, on the 29th of September.

    Enormous liberation is achieved in our nation and in the world >

    Cross sign = in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Oh God, One and Three,

    humbly I implore you,

    through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

    through the Holy Archangel Michael,

    to call the great mercy, the powers of darkness in the land (call country)

    and to defeat the world over.

    In memory of the merits

    of the holy passion of our Lord Jesus Christ,

    His precious blood, which He shed for us,

    all his holy wounds.

    In memory of His agony on the cross and all suffering

    of our Lord and Redeemer

    during His Holy Passion and his whole earthly life

    We ask you, Lord Jesus Christ,

    Send Your Holy Angels to cast the forces of evil to hell

    so that in the land (call land) and in the whole world the kingdom of God comes

    and the grace of God is poured out in all hearts.

    So the land (call land) and all the nations of the world are filled with your peace.

    Oh our dear woman and queen,

    we implore you with our whole heart, send your holy angels,

    to plunge the forces into hell and all the evil spirits that must fall.

    Holy Archangel Michael,

    Prince of the Celestial Hosts,

    You have been commissioned by the Lord to perform this mission,

    so that the grace of God is everlasting with us.

    Lead the Celestial Hosts,

    so that the forces of darkness finally plunge into hell.

    Use all your powers to defeat Lucifer and his fallen angels,

    who rebelled against the will of God

    and want to destroy people's souls now.

    Be victorious,

    because you have the power and the authority and the intercession for us,

    the grace of peace and the love of God,

    so that we can always follow our Lord into the kingdom of heaven.


    Cross sign.

  10. RFID = apocalyptic mark of the beast > The soul is technically decoupled from humans.

    Biophysical Robot>

    The 6 functions of the chip implant

    1. microchip = data memory> this contains all the data of a person

    (medical medical records, curriculum vitae, passport, grades, attitude,

    Religious affiliation and sexual orientation).

    For the owner is about its data no insight possible.

    2. GPS location via satellite>

    Every person is trackable worldwide, so escape is impossible.

    3. Capacitor = capacitor> each capacitor can be used as microphone,

    i.e. that every conversation near the chip can be intercepted.

    4. Dipole antenna with switching element = two-pole antenna>

    Transmitter and receiver function of frequencies simultaneously.

    Also hearing voices, i. Receiving orders to "staff" of the animal:

    Soldiers and police, etc. receive information or commands from the central office via the chip –

    see article Mind Control > Voice over the skin – Dr. Ing. Begich.

    Jesse Ventura visits Begich: Listening without ears.

    The chip carrier has – like a biophysical robot –

    no life of its own glands

    (Head glands> Hormones> Emotions> Thinking> Acting)

    and is cut off from the soul,

    because the frequencies are the glands

    or change and control the hormones,

    so like a puppet no own emotional life

    and human action is no longer possible.

    Spirit and soul are separated, the soul is isolated and branded property of the apok. animal,

    this is the last Antichrist and the False Messiah,

    whose mission is exclusively soul robbery.

    5. The cashless account in hand (readable as a Mastercard) can be deleted at any time, just as today by "terrorists" and Russian citizens accounts are frozen.

    6. The chip is – if by its receipt the soul is already delivered and lost – in any case fatal:

    A: by frequencies, e.g. 6.66 Hertz suicide frequency.

    B. Release of a deadly virus.

    C. Remote execution by released poison.

  11. This is how it how I think it will go down . First the implanted will make it out to be cool to have one of these chips but will be a novelty. The Governments will first get the citizenry to accept a digital identity and push all services tied to Government to be paperless and cashless . The Government will sign you up to your digital identity but people will be able to opt out because the Government knows most people are too lazy to opt out and are too stupid to question the need for the e- identity . Next all health records will be digitized and tied to the new e identity and other departments of Govt will follow . The Government will develop a Government blockchain and replace the bureaucracy with smart contracts running on the blockchain.At this point your e- identity will be on a card . When you apply for benefits or deal with you will enter your details and the info will travel through all nodes on the blockchain and the smart contracts running on these nodes will determine your eligibility for services and / or benefits . The banks working along with Government will work feverishly to end cash so everyone is purchasing goods with digital currency .Governments , banks and payment processors will just love this because they can tack every move of every single citizen not to mention the Government will be able to manipulate peoples' actions with a Chinese style "social credit" score . If you do what the Government wants you will be rewarded and if you dissent you will have privileges and services taken away . Soon all you bank accounts and commercial info will get tied to your e-identity and card . Governments and big corporations will make it very hard for people to operate without an e-identity to force resisters on to the system .Eventually the Government will offer the e-identity and everything on it to be put on an implantable microchip for your security of course and you will never have to worry about losing your card and for the convenience of course . By this time the UN will have implemented Agenda 21/ 2030 Sustainable Development and private property rights will be a thing of the past . Instead of money you will be issued enegy credits every month .You will not be able to accumulate these because what you don't use will vanish at the end of each 30 days . You will not own anything and the capitalist system will have been destroyed .Everyone will be moved to live in tiny microapartments in giant megacities and the rural areas rewilded into human no go zones .This is the future that awaits us unless people don't wake up. Time to support Patrick Wood and Tom DeWeese to kill the globalists plans of global governance .

  12. Instead of implanting the chip, can't they just sell you the chip and you can just carry it with you like in a small case??

    Or how about have like a small ring that you can wear that has a small compartment in it where you can just place the chip inside and there you go. You can just wear it inside the ring instead of putting it in your body.

    I wonder if one would be able to bribe some of these people who do the implanting so that they can just give you the chip instead of implanting it.

    Unless of course they are threatened by their employer and that they need to implant it no matter what or they'll lose their jobs.

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