This video starts @ 5:13 minutes but I added a little clip of what happened at the end so you can see what I go through while shopping. Part 2 : Callled HEB Corporate office to complaint concerning my treatement while shopping. . I have experienced the same crap in 3 states which means that thsi movement has to be tied to the same agencies in 3 states. Catching these people takes patience and practice. In the past I have complained about harassment at HEB and at stores etc.I am a T.I.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the store reciept that shows that time and date I experienced harassment at this supermarket.

About a year ago I handed one of the store managers a 2 page document explaining that I was being harassed by Citizens Corps since I had encounters with them in the public. Note before sharing this video I have been to 2 different police stations complaining about the harassment while shopping at local stores and HEB supermarkets. The harassment and over policing i have experienced from different groups has been ridiculous. Note I have also experienced harassment by a group called Citizens Corps that I discovered goes out in a community and shares information about people that they are targeting. In the past I have complained about people buying the same groceries as me and harassing me while shopping at multiple stores. I have discovered that some stores work with Fusion Centers and police to target certain customers. Security cameras are used at times to see what a target with the cooperation of stakeholders such as managers and store clerks these programs are effective. Also spotters are used in stores to help direct people when to get behind someone in a line so they can harass them at the exact moment they make a purchase.

In the state of Texas it is legal to record in Public this includes all supermarkets in the state of Texas. In the past I have been threatened and harassed while shopping and have recieved threatening letters so I am utlizing Texas state law to record all activity that occurs in my life only to protect my life and my constitutional rights. God Bless

P.S What I share may not help all T.I’s but it will definetely help those that experience daily harassment and gang stalking.My channel is one of the most reviewed channels on Youtube concerning the topic gang stalking and has reached over 1,000,000 viewers as of Jan 2018


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