How to Increase Happiness & Feel Better About Your Life

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  1. if you cannot take some anger than retire to a buddhist monastery . anger can be good , can give you courage to do what its right . jesus was angry on many occasion .we should all be INDIGNANT .you sound like a deafeatist , lay down your weapon and be docile . no thank you .

  2. Wow.. minds sometime do connect. I been thinking about this topic for a few weeks and now I see this video. Negativity is strong my friend. Most of the time I use up all my energy to resist but eventually i fall…. lately been thinking before posting. It's not easy…so many negative people around us, not just ' onlin ''

  3. Regarding the negative impacts of media. Can I provide two examples. The first example is people who post dash cam videos showing other people's bad driving. In some cases, you see the camera driver speed up because he wants to encourage the situation where he can prove the other person is "in the wrong" or a "bad driver", when the truth is every driver on every journey makes mistakes, it's true. But we have been programmed to attack other people, to be judgmental of others, especially when they are just going about their lives. The other example is more subtle and I've been watching it a lot lately because we don't have it in our country, and I wonder if anyone else feels the same way as I do. I really dislike what I believe to be the real intent behind a program called "What Would You Do?". It's just my feeling that here is a program displaying people having great morality, and I wonder if this isn't some kind of conditioning that encourages social justice warriors and gives people justification to attack based upon a one-sided social, religious or political view. People are being encouraged to speak up and shout down, whereas maybe the polite quiet intervention or measured response is a better way of improving debate and society as a whole. It's like we have all been conditioned by such programming. We have to go on the attack of others, instead of looking inward at ourselves. It just adds to all the confusions and unhappiness in life.

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