How to jailbreak ios 6.1.3 using snowbreeze

hey guys!!! first i also thought that there is no way to jailbreak ios 6.1.3 i tried too much and after a long period of time i finally found a way!!!!!

New ios 7 beta 2 install from here:

So lets get started

Download snow breeze from here:

download your ipsw from here:

u can download itunes from here:

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  1. if this comes means u did something wrong but i have one solution download redsnow and download 6.1.1 ipsw and click extras and just boot it would boot and it would start working or try something else on youtube :y:

  2. Guys get something called iReb then open it select your device. Then put it your idevice into pwned DFU mode (search on iTunes for tutorial for pwned DFU mode) then go to iTunes and hold shift and press restore then just select firmware

  3. yeah it will be the same it would also look for the same one so and if u downloaded the ipsw it must be in your download location and therefore it takes 20 mins to download might u closed your browser and it might wasn't able to download

  4. hi I am having iOS 4.3.5. on iPhone4 and its unlocked using turbo gevey plus sim on baseband 4.10.01. can i update my iOS to 6.1.3 without updating baseband so i can use gevey plus sim? will gevey plus work properly on iOS 6.1.3? Please tell me..Thanks in advance.

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