How to: Smoked Chicken Lollipops

Hey guys, I know its been awhile but here is another video for you to take a look at and share if you like. These are called “Chicken Lollipops”, Ive seen these around youtube before and have tried a few times myself in the past. I want to give DivaQ here on YouTube some credit for the technique used for the bones. I hope you guys give this a try. The are simply delicious and I added my own twist a little on it by injecting the legs and making my own sauce. As well as I make my own rubs all the time also! Thanks for stopping by and good luck on your cook.

There are many different ways people prep and cook these but this is my way. Thanks!

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  1. This recipe looks fabulously tasty 
    What if you combined both of your dry rubs in a bowl and sort of dipped and rolled the lollipops in the bowl, it might end up being too powerful of a flavor but it might save some time and get an even covering on there

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