A 20 step guide to making sure your child doesn’t start believing in the Flat Earth. With Flat Earth belief quickly on the rise with 1 in 3 young adults beginning to question NASA and the very place we call home, I put together this MUST SEE ‘How to Guide’ to make sure YOU and your children remain safe in the knowledge that our leaders have nothing to hide. They have your best interests at heart and would never lie to you. Fact.

Believe or don’t believe, it really is your choice. I am not here to tell you what to think, just simply to think. Think about why you are here, why we are all here, and why do we believe the things that we do? It’s not my job to convince you of anything. Just to simply share with you my own thoughts and reasoning, in the hopes that you will begin to question things for yourself and not just rely on what somebody else has taught you…. I don’t know about you, but i find things such as life and the meaning of life absolutely fascinating. And important questions like these require a open mind if we are ever truly going to find the answers…… So if you have come here just to tell me the earth is a globe, or that i am stupid for questioning it, thank you, but i know what the textbooks say, i’ve read them too… but now let’s try and think for ourselves shall we? You’ve clicked on the link, at the very least you could watch the video before telling me i’m wrong lol God bless!


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Proving the globe lie is easy. Getting people to accept it is the hard part.
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45 Replies to “How to Stop Believing in Flat Earth (2018) Step by Step Guide”

  1. I understand the message of "we can't trust the powers that be". But the best lies are hidden amongst truth. Not everything is a lie but, we are lyed to and manipulated. This flat Earth business is preoccupying your curiosity to keep you from seeing the real lies and manipulation.

  2. I have opened my eyes to the flat earth truth this week. I can't believe how I felt for it, it is quite obvious that globe earth is as fake as evolution. Although I am not convinced christianity is the truth. What if it is fake like evolution? I mean according to Jesus his followers would do greater things than him, but so far I only see christians riddle with poverty and sickness. What if it is all a lie to confuse people even more?

  3. I love being Sarcastic in the eyes of a lie. I feel it's the best way to deal with bullshit when you know it is. Like I had a friend go looking for the edge for a vacation spot. He's still looking for it to this day. Smh

  4. Actually it only takes 1 step to stop believing in the flat earth. Simple geometry and mapping. Any grade school kid after taking a basic course in geometry could easily destroy permanently any possibility of the flat earth being factually supported. It's as easy as proving that a pizza pan and a ball do not share enough of the same properties. However I have yet to meet a single flat earther who has any ability to perform a simple experiment that totally disproves the possibility of a flat earth.

  5. I have never expressed, nor do I accept this idea that the earth is flat. YOUR thoughts and IDEAS is what the Word of God calls leaning upon your own understanding. To the Law and the Testimony. Isaiah 8:20 An "open mind" is just what the enemy wants us to have. The LORD warns us of wolves in sheep's clothing, false prophets, and deceivers, and that we must "test the spirits" This Command is contrary to what you refer to as an "open mind."

    One can pour anything into an open mind.

  6. The whole Flat Earth "movement" is shot through with lies. like the "blue screen" at 1:46. A blue screen with a grid is USELESS, yet I see this shot used over and over to "prove" NASA fakery.
    OR, showing digitization artifacts from space pictures as "evidence", as at 1:38. The process of digitizing a picture originally taken on film is not perfect. What is?

  7. Something to explore. Anyone with an earth globe (or ball shaped object) can put a ruler, thin side, along let's say Florida, and see curviture or no curviture. ISS is suppose to be 400km from earth which is scalable to half inch from earth if earth has a diameter of 16 inch. Which means it's impossible I guess to get a full shot of earth from that distance.

  8. Does nobody ever ask why it's so important that we believe the Earth is a spinning ball? If being flat or convex is not plausible at all then why is there such a panic to get people back on the belief that it's a spinning ball? Who cares what people believe! If it being a spinning ball is a fact then why is there such a panic to have every human indoctrinated to the same belief?

  9. This just makes me sad. Willing yourself into ignorance is no way to go through life.
    Evolution happened.
    Gravity is real.
    The earth is an oblate spheroid orbiting a sun millions of miles away.
    The fact that you can't understand that doesn't make it any less true.
    I really wish I could figure out which ones of you are sincere and which ones are in it for the LULZ.

  10. Growing up in the 90s, I remember being taught that dinosaurs went extinct but no one knew exactly how/why. Theories abound. They could tell me bones were billions of years old, but couldnt find evidence of the animal's demise. But skin colors and feathers… We know those details. Yup

  11. I just looked over the comments page and I came away thinking that I'm amazed that there are so many people posting comments here who have obviously never flown in an airliner at 35,000 ft. and who are also crazy. How they got there is a long story having to do with programming by religious spirits, but that's another subject that people who are being driven by religious spirits have no interest in finding out about.

  12. Scrawny, I always have loved ur videos, so much time and effort you put in. However, I'm struggling with this flat earth thing. I see lots of arguments to say why it's not spherical, but I can't find anything that describes the reasoning behind why people say it's flat. I'm a Christian and believe in the word of God, but, for me, the bible was interpreted during a time were people believed the earth to be flat, purely because technology wasn't available to prove other, the bible story is normative for the period written. Also, if the earth is flat, why is it dark in Australia when I speak to my family member on Skype when is blazing sunshine were I am. Surely if earth flat then dark is dark and light is light.

  13. well how come atheists are allowed to use the phrase "testable" and christians aren't? Feel free to use whatever words you like, if you have a hypothesis from the Christian worldview that we can test, we would love to test it.

    And yes, he did not claim anything, however he didsay that the CREATION theory doesn't even live up to being a hypothesis And he has good reason to say as much if you know what constitutes a hypothesis. The bible says the universe was spoken into existence by god via incantation. Science has no ability to evaluate such claims, so it is unfortunately useless as a hypothesis. Until there's a methodology to falsify or confirm those were the actual events that took place, science cannot deny or confirm the plausibility of that proposed situation. Do you disagree?

    when it's the same case with the darwinian Which parts of modern synthesis do you believe are incorrect? Small shifts in genetic variation over time? That the process is gradual? That natural selection and environment play a key role? That allele frequency is subject to change over time? Or that genetic diversity is a factor? I'm not a biologist, but perhaps you are, if you have more accurate information on speciation, we'd love to hear it.

    and the big bang. The big bang simply predicted that the universe was expanding from a single point of origin, and evidence was found to confirm the consistency of the hypothesis by the specific distribution of light elements, red shift of distant galaxies and large scale structure, Hubbles Law and the cosmic microwave background radiation. It made no claims to explain what initiated the expansion. I'm no cosmologist, but perhaps you are, so which part of the big bang theory do you take issue with?

    Also, the only strong evidence is really the manuscripts that support each other and are scattered around the world. There are thousands of creation stories from thousands of cultures, some of which far older than Christianity, and some of which Christianity borrowed from, namely, the Pyramid Texts and The Book of the Dead. Have you evaluated them all? If you haven't, then how did you determine Christianity is the correct one? Simply because many other people believe them? But people get things wrong all the time, including science, correct? So perhaps we don't have enough information to verify if Christianity is correct?

    Or the origin of man Well, we do have genetic evidence that all known species share a common ancestor. So I could understand how this may indicate a designer to some, however, to a Hindu, this may indicate Shiva, Brahma, or Vishnu, to a Muslim, this indicates Allah, and to a Christian, Yahweh. How are we to determine whom is correct? Personally I don't see a need to attach it to any claimed designers, because I don't have enough information to do so confidently, and without relying on fallible methods.

    And just using my common sense, if God has 25,000 manuscripts written about him, then you certainly cannot deny his existence. To me, this indicates 25,000 manuscripts exist. Whether they're accurate or not is the question. Have you ever seen these manuscripts? Can you be sure they really say what you think they say?

    If you believe in people such as australophitecus afarensis' then you certainly cannot deny the existence of God. Well, I know paleontologists found hominid bones dated several millions of years old, but I'm not sure why that would lead me to deny that a god in some form might exist?

  14. Dumb fool asking a dumb question. You have to get to the edge first before speculating about falling off. Asking a dumb stupid question while in the middle of nowhere is a demonstration of how foolish and stupid you are to believe occultic lies hidden under science for your ilk: blind dumb bums to learn, agree and follow…

    oh and even fight to defend the lie.

  15. Hahahah, I love it. Does an amazing job of revealing the ridiculous mind games being used to control us, and how silly they really are when you step back from the brainwashing and look at everything clearly.

  16. 👍 That was great! The indoctrination runs deep on this flat earth. Thankfully truths being spread and people are waking up. I just pray that people figure out the many deception and atrocities comes from a spiritual warfare. The master of deception is? Look to save your soul. Seek the father and his beloved son. No church required. Our heavenly father is always in the waiting. Just pray! I pray this in Jesus name… Amen!

  17. Hey flattards. When in the Southern Hemisphere why are their more hours of sunlight in the day as you travel further south? In Tasmania the sun is only going down by around 10:15pm. Sydney it goes down by about 8:00pm. How does this work on your flat earth model?

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