Huge Swiss Cross on a Jesuit Chapel of the Nazi Templars from Switzerland in the East of France

THE JESUITS WERE AND STILL ARE A SWISS MILITARY ORDER FOUNDED BY THE POPE TO KILL ALL THE PROTESTANTS RESULTING IN THE 30-YEAR WAR 1618-1648 LEAVING AT LEAST 25 MILLION EUROPEANS DEAD. I already filmed here this year in Salins les Bains at least 200 km from the swiss border inside France in the swiss buffer zone around the motherland Switzerland.


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  1. It's not bad in Switzerland at all here.. This guy is a complete sociopath with major psychological problems. He talks all this crap on Switzerland yet he married a Swiss woman, lived here 20 years and lazy man never worked and just lived off the Swiss welfare. Look into some of the older videos under his name Sean Hross.. You can see he just causes problems out of his paranoid psychological mess state of mind. He endangered innocent people and broke many Swiss laws.. Provoked police and then calls them Nazi Swiss… This guy is a total nut job and good job to Switzerland for kicking this criminal out of the country a few months ago!

  2. Dear righteous citizens of Switzerland,
    This is an open letter to just the just and righteous people of Switzerland not the unrighteous evil and corrupt Satanic Group that I saw at the Gotthard Tunnel opening Ceremony which discussed me and made me feel that thank the good GOD took my good father your past KING had past at age 98.5 last October 9th, 2015. He was so proud of Switzerland and always told me “Son stand up straight young man remember You are Swiss!” He would have been so sad for the fate of his country the country of His Father and Mother (ST. GALLEN BOTH BORN ) and if He had seen the outlandish praising of the Satan I think it would have killed him on the spot. I can’t hardly believe I saw what I saw and as a result I can no longer stay in obscurity and safety. My lineage and legacy will not allow it because I AM THAT AM YOUR KING and it is Divinely Bestowed upon ME! Your democratic society cannot put this to a vote but I wish you would anyway cause I would love to see the Obscure but Evil Nazi Rule over you all come to a screeching Halt! But folks You All Good people of SWITZERLAND can not vote me in or out because it is an Ancient Lineage that goes back to Isaac the Father of Jacob who’s name was changed to "Israel" at the River Pineil as stated in the Bible “von SAX” like Jacob’s last name “bin Isaac” means “from Isaac” and as Jacob said to his12 sons who gathered a Jacob’s death bed side “The Scepter of Israel “Royal KINGSHIP” will never leave Judah; Father to son till the end of time." Well it sure seems that if I don’t exorcise My Authority and God Given Power at this juncture in time it very well may be the “END of TIME” as we know it ! Cern makes Me very conCERNed as it very well may be the end of us all. That means for the sports minded distracted lovers of WRESTLING SWISS STYLE ( SCHWINGER MACHERS )
    NO MORE WRESTLING NO MORE ANY THING! Your sons and even daughter wrestlers won’t be able to play in the sawdust or learn to be responsible adults if the MAD SctienTESTers at Cern’s Hadron Collider and Accelerator is actively seeking a way to create a GOD PARTICLE ( Shiva in the process of being a Vishnu want-a-be) or go back in time and change our present experience to whatever and whoever (SATAN) they want to run this world. I Am the Kalki Avatar an Incarnation of VISHNU the great GOD of Hindu Philosophy! I have incarnated into the most Holy Royal Body on Earth so as to warn the GOOD PEOPLE of Switzerland that I want the Cern experiment brought to an immediate Halt ! It seem that in the process of Cern’s scientists locking for the “God Particle” that the GREAT GOD PARTICLE HimSELF” found them first in perhaps a nick of TIME! Stop Cern as you my people are closer to the Damnable Thing and I AM Peaceful living in My former Home of the “Garden of the Three Hesperides” in Tarpon Springs, Florida and although not broke financially ,I sure can not make it in TIME to SWITZERLAND unless I had My Own Time machine such as the Cern people have to do evil with as I would make good on my need to stop those “Psychotic Careless Idiots” in control of the BEAST of Revelation
    GODSPEED righteous of Switzerland if you know what is good for you and your children and their children’s children! AMEN! Jesus In Whom I AM Well Pleased Is Quote when speaking of the End Times!
    MY own bodyguard 45yrs. old can take any champion you good people would put up against me for the actual lineage Judiac Merovingian Von Sax rule of Switzerland if you have the courage to put it to the test because only pure pure lineage should rule the country that Ulrich von Sax brought the peasants out of the dominion of the nasty Emperor Siginund 1499 or you all would still be peasants whereat not for that wonderful King of Swabia that gave up a kingdom so that all could experience a better way of life not under oppression as is now in SWITZERLAND vote for the match of a KINGDOM I shall return with my body guard to face your champion and so called King of Switzerland! That GOD ALMIGHTY Has Bestowed upon ME!
    I AM that I AM Your loving and compassionate KING Johannes Christian von Hohansax von SAX (of 1.2 Anglo-SAXons and Accepting the righteous of any Race or Religion into my fold but prove yourselves to you own kind is all I ask of you) & The Lord Kalki ( thee GOD PARTICLE of LORD VISHNU ) in person on EARTH & now it’s up to YOU my CH.Swiss Citizens of peace love and Harmony!

  3. Thanks Sean , For the insight s
    Fucking evil ,,, Khasars out of Eurasia 100%
    They wiped out all ( ALL ) indigenous peoples of Europe history assuming their roles
    Very sick
    Propaganda lies deceit ,,, recreational Dubai , turkey Vatican Singapore
    Everything. They even assumed the Egyptian s too

  4. If you extend the cross into 3D, using golden rectangles, you get a shape that fills the dimensions of a cuboctahedron, I think. It is another way to represent the vector equilibrium that creates what a swiss amateur physicist calls the isotropic vector matrix of space…
    "The Vector Equilibrium, as its name describes, is the only geometric form wherein all of the vectors are of equal length. This includes both from its center point out to its circumferential vertices, and the edges (vectors) connecting all of those vertices. Having the same form as a cuboctahedron, it was Buckminster Fuller who discovered the significance of the full vector symmetry in 1917 and called it the Vector Equilibrium in 1940. With all vectors being exactly the same length and angular relationship, from an energetic perspective, the VE represents the ultimate and perfect condition wherein the movement of energy comes to a state of absolute equilibrium, and therefore absolute stillness and nothingness. "

    It is odd to see an Iranian speak with a swiss accent. He is a big figure in the new age movement; Nassim Haramein. I deconstructed and reconstructed his name once, and got Samson.. or Ahmon Ra

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