Hunting Red deer in the roar in New Zealand part 44(Red stag trophy hunt)

A 257 Weatherby Mag shot this big red stag at a distance if 254 meters and scored very high, watch.
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  1. We are Hunting for Red stags for a Trophy and the roar of the Red stag in New Zealand is over and once sworn enemies in the roar, now gather together in small group as good mates and bodies.
    For this reason the hunting of Red stags will become harder and harder and you have to think like them to find out where they go.
    In the cool windy day they look for open faces with a lot of sun, but it is hard to approach them as there are more eyes and ears to look and listen for intruders.

  2. So so so much respect for these animals and especially the hunters picking out and being patient to bag the right trophy and nothing going to waste . That's what it's all about . Great job tony love your stuff and look forward to seeing you soon for a great hunting experience pal .

  3. We are at start of the winter and it will be cold for few months.The stags rob their antlers against trees and shrubs and the tips become like ivory whit. Different trees and shrubs give a different tone of black to light brown.Thanks for watching ganzo.

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