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  1. You are right. These are the same reasons I stopped supporting him. It seems as though some are making excuses for Trump no matter how many promises he breaks. Trump is proving himself to be a new world order agent. I have made videos exposing these things. Keep up the good work.

  2. Trump said he would stop Chemtrailing – Lie.
    He said he would put Hillary in prison – Lie.
    Said he wouldn't go near Syria and pull troops out of the middle east – Lie.
    Said he would re open to investigate 9/11 and who was really behind the attack – another Lie.

  3. This is my take. No.1 Don't be fooled by the propaganda about Israeli troops busting open doors. Put it this was if Hamas and others stopped firing rockets and random murders their wouldn't be these raids or a wall. I do totally agree 100% with you on the banking system that's raping the world. Hard labor to make a few up the top very rich of imaginary ideals and cons. At this point with Trump and Syria I'm sure the raids were military targets. I wouldn't be too upset hitting these locations.

  4. Look, man. No one invaded Syria. No one has started a war. The war is 10 years on and no one, not even Putin, would enforce the ban on using chemical weapons. The US did, along with GB and France. The US has had minimal forces on the ground, by agreement, and have all but destroyed Daesh. Both there and in Iraq. No one said they want to go to war in Syria. Get your shit straight. It's a complicated world and sometimes, problems require simple, direct answers. No regime change, no invasion. Got it?

  5. Mate I was wrong about TRUMP many times. There's much more to this situation. Looks like he's bombed a CIA operative that was helping fund and keep ISIS going. I think England and other countries were looking for a excuse to invade. Trump bombed it and said don't worry world we got this.

  6. Trump: ZIONIST WHORE!!!!!Thank you very much, Shermon Burgess: U R ON POINT ON MOST THINGS!!!!I AM 50/50 ON Donald Trump: I will give him until 2020, then I will see if I want to continue in both, supporting and endorsing him!!!!Thank you for your hard work!!!Great job: keep it up!!!!

  7. I'll NEVER allow anyone to put a chip under my skin or anywhere on my person. So if a cop or government doctor or whoever tries it, they'll get an equal amount of lead in return. And you're spot on about the stupid wars. All they'll do for the West is flood us with angry, super violent migrants. It's so obvious a blind man could see it. It's the planned genocide of European ethnics- Wherever they live!!!

  8. Dude, I'm 42 seconds in and you are out of your depth. I promise you you are. I'm in America I know why people voted Trump. It had a little bit to do with what you said, yes. But more than anything people were just sick of the way the last 40 years have gone. And people that actually understand politics, I'm not saying you don't, you obviously have a pretty high political IQ, I'm talking about people in America that actually understand politics, realized that nothing has changed in the last 30 to 40 years. It literally went Democrat,Republican,Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, forever and ever, and nothing changed. If you think Trump is a republican, you know very little about Trump. He hijacked the Republican ticket to run for president, because you can't win as a third party. I am not knocking you. You're obviously an intelligent guy. And if I tried to speak on Australian politics, I would make a fool of myself. Which you haven't, you clearly know, actually I'd say you know more than most Americans do about American politics. Let me just give you one word though, and I promise you I'm not being a smartass, I love your channel man, and I am with your movement. But, that word would be, nuance. There's more going on than meets the eye. I agree yes he said, "we're pulling out of Syria." and he probably had 50,000. Tweets talking about how we shouldn't be there. Then his lawyer's office was raided , next thing you know we are lobbing tomahawks.
    But let me play devil's advocate for a minute. You know, as well as I know, Asad did not launch those attacks. Isis, on record, has done this very thing at least 52 times. If you watch the videos, you'll see, none of those people in those videos that actually been chemically attacked. There's actually one where a doctor looks up and winks, looks over at the other doctor like "get ready", and then barely Falls over. It's obviously the most fake thing you've ever seen in your life. But let's play out this scenario. You do know that the Russian ships pulled out a few days before the strikes. And I think Asad moved some of his men before the strike. ( to a safer zone) Now the word that I have heard, although I find it very difficult to believe, is that there were no casualties. I pray to God that's true. But, what if those so-called chemical Depots, actually belong to Isis. Or I guess I could just say to the Deep state. What if that was a move to take out deep state Havoc making ability? I'm just saying things are never as they seem at first. Let's give it a little time. If it turns out to be exactly what it looked like, then Fuck Donald Trump he's a lying/weak piece of shit. If he got in and realized this would be one part of the game he would have to play, I still don't like it, but if no one was hurt and Assad and Putin were in on it, I'll learn to live with it. If we had Hillary Clinton,v Jesus man we'd have been fucked over a year ago. I'll take a few bombs being dropped in one country as opposed to millions of bombs being dropped all over the world. Which in itself isn't a fair statement. I've never lived in a country that's been bombed. I can't even begin to imagine what that must be like. And it shames me that my country has done it to people. I'm just asking you to look at all angles of it. And know this, it wasn't,,,, dude it WAS GOING TO BE Trump or Hillary. For America he has done a lot of good things so far. His foreign policy has been an utter disaster. Nationally he is actually fixed some things. But, my personal preference, would be to bring all of our troops home, from everywhere. Stop defending other countries, that hate us, even though they only get the quality of life they do because the biggest baddest military that's ever been put together lets them sleep soundly at night. I say we say fuck everyone, until we get some semblance of Sanity back in our country, and just do America for about 10 years. We've got all the resources we need, we don't need to import anything. You know, adopt a quasi China policy, where you just wall yourself off from the rest of the world. You don't trade with anyone. Think globally, act locally. Our country is such a mess, we have no business going around saying we're helping others. And let some of these virtue signaling, suck ass countries, Scandinavia comes to mind, that just absolutely hate the United States, let them take care of their own country militarily, instead of depending on the United States defense for a while. They'll all be eating halal within fifteen years anyway.
    But I'm going to hold you to this. You are off the Trump train, that's okay. But, if in classic Trump fashion, in a couple of weeks this turns around and we find out what he did was actually great and it fucked the Deep State, you don't get to get back on board. Like I said, not being bellicose, I like your Channel. Let's get all the facts though before we make rash decisions. This is a precipitous time in world history. There is a war going on globally. Between, I think the best way to say it is it's globalists versus nationalists. Left vs right. However you want to frame it. But it's not Nation vs Nation, this is much closer to neighbor vs. Neighbour. So before you ditch your side, make sure you know exactly why you're doing it. I'm not trying to sound like some sanctimonious prick either. I am, by no means, the smartest guy in the world. You may have strip me in an IQ test by 10 or 20 points, who knows? But I have burnt myself several times by jumping ship, because I didn't fully understand what was going on. Whatever you choose, I hope you have the best day you've ever had, and I hope tomorrow's two times better than that. Take care brother

  9. Not completely arguing with you, but do you read about Q? I'm pissed at Trump over this to. But let's find out all the facts first. It looks like Syria and Russia may have been in on it. Friday night I was as mad as Alex Jones was. And I love your channel, and I truly don't mean offense by this, but dude if you're in Australia, I don't think your endorsement or support is really going to matter to him.

  10. You spineless aussies lost your right to open your mouth when you gave your guns away. A country in the 'west' that doesn't allow medical cannibus. You live in a police state run by absolute libtards and you asked for it. So shut the fuck up you displaced bunch of whiney poms.

  11. The worst about this, is not only because Trump lied, it has shown that common people cannot do anything to avoid war. It doesn't matter who you vote for, they get their way no matter what. I was a strong Trump supporter, just because i believed in Peace between USA and Russia.

  12. Trump said last week he was leaving Syria asap. He sent N korea a message before the summit. He hasnt built the wall because he is trying to operate within the mechanisms of government to make lasting change. He has been fucked by a bunch of rat lawyers in congress. The last president was a muslim dictator lawyer rat that changed laws by royal caveat. This shit about chips and not withdrawing money. You should take a deep breath and count to 10 or smoke some Ozzie weed mate

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