EDITED (In words) VERSION. Hell is not a place we desire to go, but the truth is, many souls are plunging into it every second as per my dream. Saint John the beloved has forewarned us concerning hell. He says, “And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die but death shall flee from them.” This means, in Hell, the sufferings, the punishments, the torments and burning are so terrifying and painful that you rather die, or escape, or vanish in thin air forever, but you cannot, since your soul is immortal. That is why Saint John says, the condemned souls desire to die, but death shall flee from them. The punishments and burnings in Hell continue night and day, and forever and ever into eternity. In contrast, for the saints, the doers of ALL Christ’s Commandments, they will enjoy eternal bliss in the Kingdom of Christ, Amen.

When I refer to the “Christians outside the One Holy Church,” it is not limited to Martin Luther’s disciples and subsequent innovators, but this special category. Suppose there was believer who stayed in a country where Christianity is banned. He knew only the basic tenet of Christianity i.e, God is comprised of the God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit etc. He understood that Jesus Christ, the God-man, died for the atonement of the sins of mankind. He believed that Jesus is God-man Who resurrected and subdued the devil and death. One day, this believer received a Bible through a very hard way via his underground church. After studying the Bible through a translator (since he was illiterate), he immediately repented from his sins sincerely and accepted Jesus as his God and Saviour. He tried to be baptized but he never did. There was no opportunity and furthermore, he was too poor. He desired to be baptized but no one assisted. After knowing Jesus personally for about 2 years, one night he passed away. How was the outcome of his judgement by the Eternal Judge? Our Eternal Judge has indeed judged righteously on this believer as His Judgement was and is PERFECT and IMMUTABLE. I can say that there is no such thing called Baptism of Desire. Without Baptism in the Triune God and perseverance of keeping God’s Commandments unto the end, and practicing the ancient Catholic Faith, NO ONE can attain SALVATION. Outside the Catholic Faith and Church, there is simply no salvation as the Holy Church is built upon the Rock of Ages, certainly not on sinking sand. Bear in mind, the Vatican II sect is not the Catholic Church but a counterfeit one.

I hope this testimony is edifying, In Christ, Amen.


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