I Feel Like Bombing A Church. Part 1 (of 7): Prepare to Meet Thy God.

Are we ready for the wave of religious persecution foretold in Revelation 13? In Part 1 we look at martyrs of old and ask the question: how did they do it? What can we learn from them? Come visit us @ www.lrltv.org. Donations gratefully accepted here: http://www.lrltv.org/projects-new.html


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  1. All you black fellas defending EGW..here's a quote for you…“You are the children of God. He has adopted you, and He desires you to form characters here that will give you entrance into the heavenly family. Remembering this, you will be able to bear the trials which you meet here. In heaven there will be no colour line; for all will be as white as Christ himself. Let us thank God that we can be members of the royal family.”. Gospel Herald March 1, 1901, par. 20. Mrs. E.G. White in a talk given to the Vicksburg church for the colored, Sabbath, March 16, 1901, Gospel Herald"…yep that's right, your prophetess was a racist!

  2. “Blow, O winds! Rise, O ocean! Break forth, ye elements, and try my work.” Such was the boastful inscription put upon the first Eddystone lighthouse built by the eccentric Winstanley. His challenge was accepted, and one fearful night the sea swallowed up the tower and its builder. The next one met a similar fate, the structure and its builder, Rudyard, perishing together. The third was erected by Smeaton, who built it all of stone, making it part of its rock foundation, so that the lighthouse penetrates it as a tree penetrates the soil. Upon this lighthouse, no vaunting inscriptions were placed, but on the lowest course were chiseled the words: “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it,” and on the keystone, above the lantern, is the exclamation, “Laus Deo!” That structure still stands, a never-failing beacon-light to storm-tossed mariners. He who would build for eternity must not set about his task in any vainglorious, overconfident spirit. He must be careful as to his foundation, building firmly and deeply upon the Rock, Christ Jesus, and relying in trust and humility upon Him who alone can enable one to reach a perfect result. How about the builders of the towers in NYC? (See 9T page 11)

  3. Come on my SDA brothers! Let's support brother David to finish the illustrated Great Controversy.  Our churches are in a great mess as of now.  Homosexuals and women pastors despite the last Conference in San Antonio voted NO on women pastors. It's clear the infiltration of Jesuits at all levels of our institutions and higher Houses of Education.  Remaining pastors in our churches do not even mention of the GC decisions and moves so as to update the members of what the president and directive are doing for the advancement of the Gospel. I've been visiting many churches lately and I became aware the homosexuals are baptized, women pastors still on the podium, and at the last church I visited, Mary worship songs were performed by the pianist who was praised by the pastor himself.  Let's make an effort my brothers to support David Mould.

  4. My LORD and my GOD, my cry is, Keep me; I pray to be kept by Thee for I am not sufficient for these things. Listening to this, my heart trembled for fear until Thy Holy Spirit drew my mind back to Thy power. Thou art able to keep me from falling and to present me blameless. Gird me with Thy Word, I beseech Thee. <sigh>

  5. Thank you so much for the Highlights. Its scaring, yes, but we better get scared that our hearts may be pricked to feature the kind of torture that awaits us. The bible says the kind of torture coming has never been experienced before. This alarms me. With my finite heart, I would wish to die sooner before this breaks out, BUT THY WILL BE DONE O GOD.

  6. I like the flow of past and present in this video. It somehow has a reminder/warning flavour to it. All reality…as history shows. May we be inspired…may we not give up…hard though it may be to stay the course.

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