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Obituary: Ian Paisley
Ian Paisley denouncing the Pope as ANTICHRIST:

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17 Replies to “Ian Paisley (RIP) Teaches on the Jesuit Order”

  1. What a shame to think that people who make idols and give them names from scripture are 'saints'. What a shame to bow down to idols and worship them, instead of the Most High God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Savior of mens' souls. Rest in piece Dr. Paisley, the LORD God of heaven and earth smile and shine upon thee, amen.

  2. Glad I upset the bigots by condemning this spawn of Cromwell and planter in Ireland.
    He was a cheer leader for loyalist sectarian murder gangs.
    The four replies below are proof that these bigots will always use the argument of "whataboutery"to explain away vile murders of innocent Catholics.

    Shame on you.

  3. here is two books every true christian should get the first books called . the great controversy by ellen gould white.the he second book is called.foxes book of matyrs by john fox. if you want to know about what will transpire in the word and how the leaders of this world is working with the jesuits of rome to bring in a one world government please read these books and compare it with the bible and history.

  4. Ian Paisley taught a false gospel of works, that water baptism is required for salvation which is nothing more than Roman Catholic works as this false church also teaches the same garbage.. He's most likely just another agent of Rome masquerading as a Christian

  5. Paisley was by his hate filled utterances to blame for the killings of hundreds of Catholics in the north of Ireland.
    He was a power grabber and a very nasty man, he had no problem sharing power with IRA commander Martin McGuinness and he always looked after number one.
    i presume he now knows what hell is like.

  6. There might be only Pelosi and Boehner who want him there.  CIA put Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama in along with Roman Catholic Pelosi so he could pontificate from the Congress Pulpit.  Pulling them into the pit. He needs to watch his back on the 23rd. He's going into the Lion's Den. Amanpour pushes him as well on CNN. Have you looked into the Shemitah, Jorge. You might find it interesting. There are plenty of videos online. Jonathan Cahn.

  7. Interesting that Ian Paisely passed away on the 14th of September.  One day before the Shemitah this year.  It's Gerry Adams by the way.  Pronounced Jerry.  🙂 It would be interesting to see if there was any kind of protest as you say when he stands up in Congress. I don't think he can speak English.

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