3 Replies to “IHS Jesuit Order 2”

  1. GOD Bless you, Walter! I have been led down many a sarong path in search of GOD- all while supposedly being a Christian!
    I've read more Gnostic writings than I can recall thinking I was learning the inside scoop. I was deceived.
    Thank you for laying it all out. I have watched most all of your videos more than once.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!

    A former Freemason ( former " Worshipful Master". I always hated that title!).

  2. Sam Hahn you are Catholic hence Walter Veith teachings cut as they expose who the real enemy of this earth is, the apostate Roman Catholic Church and the Pope. May the Lord continue beaming the light through Walter Veith, his knowledge is extra ordinary and i believe the Holy Spirit is guiding.

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