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PART II – Leuren Moret: Jesuit Depopulation Plan=Radiation + GMOs + Vaccines + GeoEngineering + Wars + $Collapse + Transhumanist Agenda


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  1. Yes finally,you guys are talking up today items. Tell the people to go to YouTube and look up history,it’s all their. Bloodlines who are speaking up and then all of a sudden hearty attack. Big they are to lazy,it their problem. I m pro Russia and China: so what with all the war they keep taking about. I keep listening and watching these games are tiring. Now Africa being colonies against?


    Psychologists speak of cognitive dissonance. That happens when a person hears something so radically different that what they have always believed, their mind automatically rejects it, even if true, and they return to their original state of belief.


    In the Jewish Torah (your Old Testament) the prophets ALL rail against the Israelites as being stiff-necked, sinful, wicked, idolatrous, abominable and just about any other nasty word you could think of. So, from the words of their own prophets uttered for centuries on end, we learn that the Israelites were a wicked people whom Yahweh (the entity they feared) frequently wished to do major damage to or even utterly obliterate.


    Once Yahweh decided to wipe out all his tribes of Israelis (Deut. 9.13-14), but Moses intervened and begged him not to, so the entity relented. He realized he needed men to people his army to conquer Canaan later on. Egypt, on the other hand, was populated by a highly spiritual people, as evidenced by their epigraphy, papyri, and temples. Their hymns reveal lofty minds and their priests were world-renowned for their high knowledge.


    In Moses day, Egypt was a world power, an empire, and highly populated. So, with millions of people in Egypt, that meant that at least 100,000 and no doubt many more, were firstborn in their families. Along comes the entity Yahweh and slaughters ALL the firstborn in Egypt (if you believe the story). That would include thousands of newborn babies, infants, toddlers, children, teens, adults, and the elderly. The typical Bible thumping fundamentalists will shout that the Egyptians were evil and deserved God's wrath. Well, #1 it was Yahweh killing them, not God, and #2 according to all the Hebrew prophets it was the Israelites who were rather scummy and evil since their Yahweh was always ready to harm them or even wipe them out.


    Yahweh is continually describes as angry, jealous, wrathful, filled with fury, vengeful, bringing utter destruction, etc. So, you see, he was not a cuddly type of entity, but a very mean and dominating one. I mean, what type of god would need his followers to hack off part of all their baby males' genitalia in a bloody mutilation ritual (circumcision) to prove their loyalty to it (the god)? Sounds more like a blood-thirsty demon to me.


    And, what kind of god would slaughter over 100,000 innocent people, including babies, toddlers, little children, teens, and the very elderly. Sounds more like a demonic entity to me. By the way, wasn't it that same lovey-dovey cuddly Yahweh (Jehovah) who wiped out the entire human race (except one family) back in the day with a worldwide flood? I call that mass murder.


    And, wasn't it that same cuddly teddy bear Jehovah/YHVH who commanded its tribes to slaughter the Canaanites, man, woman, child, farm animals, and even pets (read the story of the fall of Jericho). Wow! Sounds like horrific barbaric genocide to me.


    Now, think about this objectively and open your mind for once in your life. That "thing" that did all that killing and which despises mankind is NOT the spiritual God, the Creator and Sustainer of trillions of worlds and trillions of galaxies, the Supreme Being, the Absolute, the One. It was, instead a hideous blood-thirsty tribal deity, more of a demonic entity.


    Yahweh was one of the Elohim (the gods) that shaped mankind (Gen. 1.1) and ruled over him. Jesus identifies Yahweh when he confronts the Pharisees (the fundamentalist Bible-thumpers of Jesus' day) and tells them their father, their god (Yahweh/Jehovah of course) is a "….a LIAR, a DEVIL, and a MURDERER from the beginning." (John 8) How true!


    But, how many devotees will believe Jesus' own CLEAR words? And, how many of the thousands of other Protestant sects will believe Jesus' words. Can you spell C O G N I T I V E D I S S O N A N C E? Yes, folks, that entity in the Torah–your Old Testament–was not and IS NOT the Supreme Being or God. It was and is a demonic entity that chose the Israelites as its own and still hovers over that Zionist territory in the Middle East wreaking havoc.

  3. Without the concept of "MONEY", there would not be the concept of "Superiority".  These concepts are white people's invention and without money they would be quite inferior and could not survive naturally.
    Just as they invented money, they also invented mechanical, scientific artificial living to replace natural life styles, replacing food sources, habitats, and surviving the elements.
    People have been forced into these life styles by white cultures and artificially supported by "MONEY", Religions, and all other attributes invented to gain superiority and control.
    Living naturally is strictly forbidden in order to gain control and superiority over living FREELY and NATURALLY.  Paradise LOST, Living Naturally without white people and MONEY…

  4. I did so much studying in these last few years I need a break lol not possible because Fukushima, is ongoing forever sad to say. I learned and studied a lot on iodine, and do take the liquid. I researched some of the studies on Chernobyl survivers and learned and have been taking Apple Pectin. Heck I take so many supplements now lol. Now I hear are governments gonna make it so we can't get vitamins without some kind of prescription or authorization. Also I do know thousands of dangerous isotopes were released besides the ones I'm trying to protect my family from, like Tritium causing heart attacks in young athletes. Potassium of course I'm taking more of but, I think I'd feel so relieved to hear your voice again. Please Alfred, I shared all your guys videos and trust me they all have questions about this or that. If its too dangerous, please never mind. I tell people what I've learned and to not fear, Gods in control. The majority still don't believe me. Of course they didn't see your videos lol. I

  5. @Alfre Lambremont Webre can you go into you tube settings and allow captions that way we can open up a transcript of your videos ? It makes it easier when searching for specific topics covered in the videos. thank you

  6. Now; Nov. 2017, Trump being the present president of the USA…Would it be possible to have Ms. Moret come back to give her analysis of Mr. Trump's intentions and capabilities and his understanding of Putin's strategies…they are both amazing at chess so let's hope they talk and put together their smarts and energies to establish world peace and defeat all enemies !

  7. God bless this lady she’s awesome she knows the real deal, I hope she’s a born again Christian would like to meet her one day in heaven we got to pray for this woman at the rats don’t take her out she’s a real blessing to the world that is the people that love God but of course the Satan in the in the evil world which is the majority of the world want to do Weibel they’re all going to spend eternity in hell with their daddy Lucifer or should I say Satan which is his new name as you know

  8. Behold a pale horse and his name that sat upon him was Death. And power was given to them to kill a fourth part of the earth!
    (Revelation.6:8) The word for pale in the Greek new testament is Chloros, meaning green. Ring a bell? UN Agenda Sustainable Development( the Green movement). The UN is the right arm of the New World Odor's plan for destruction and depopulation under Jesuit control. Read a book called "The Secret Terrorists" by Bill Hughes. God's judgment on these demon's in human flesh will be painful for they shall cry out that the rocks shall fall upon them!

  9. One of the best informational sources of what and why the world is where it is is made clearer in the book Terra Firma: by David Wardlaw Scott. I particularly , on page 23, appreciated the diabolical dissertation written by "Lucifer" Dec. 23rd, E.M> 287 (1887). .


  11. Why do people run away from reality like these 2 loony tunes. ? Global population going up, quickly. Due to hit 9 billion in 2050. Disaster. Eco system wants 1.5-2 billion max. Ironically we need massive depopulation.

    ( America’s doom )
    Reblogged from source

    Absolutely – and many Republicans – surely Obama, the homosexual and great deceiver of the American public. As a matter of fact, the Kabbala followers are into deep Satanism, cursing of Christians, cursing of Jesus Christ and believing the most evil of Him and of Mary. I have seen pictures, read articles, have a book and even partially watched a Satanistic orgy carried on by those people – e.g. Rothschild. The Clintons are into much of it and what of the Skull and Bones of is it Harvard? …
    Hog: notes that no child is safe on the streets of our country. We have a low-class of dirty sons of bitches at the helm of state. No where in biblical literature has our Lord spoken one kind word towards His enemies.
    He has asked us to love our enemies; but to actually hate His enemies! God will not let mercy rob justice.
    It was the fags that brought on the Great Deluge, the destruction of Babylon, Cannaan and Jerocho. Neither political party will address this issue of mass
    provision of phallus deification. Both political parties are actually cross-dressers under Pharisee influence.
    If the shoe fits one, then let them wear it. Hog will never slop within this trough human degregation !
    Dr. FAULKS further;
    The phallus deification is at the bottom of the evil sexuality now taught in schools and openly paraded on Television, with the Entertainment Industry of musicians and Hollywood and in the News and on the Internet. Those spiders of evil are building their webs to entrap as many millions of our kids, teens, young adults and all ages. As it happened in the days of the Nephilim, Giants, offspring of the Fallen Angels who raped and married the women on earth, the Flood – something else will be poured out by the Lord. What and when we do not know but we do know that at the Judgment Seat of God, He will deal with all classes and particularly these offenders. Jude, the brother of our Lord, quoted the words of the wonderful man of God, Enoch, 'who walked with God and was translated, because God took him', Genesis. 1 Enoch was written by him and carried by Noah into the Ark. Jude says: 'Like Sodom and Gomorrah and the towns near them, which gave themselves up to fornication, and fell into unnatural vice, these angels now stand out as a warning, undergoing, as they are, the punishment of eternal fire', v.7 and then he speaks of Enoch's prophecy: 'And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, "Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment upon all men, and to convict all godless people of all their godless acts, which in their ungodliness they have committed and of all the harsh words which they have spoken against him, godless sinners that they are!", vss. 14,15. The Book of 1 Enoch provided this prophecy for Jude, on the first page of that book.

  13. cyclone tracey which hit darwin australia was a xmas present in 74 (2 years after nixon xmas bombing in vietnam) the story of it's path & aftermath bit odd ,weather weapons have been used at least that long it was i think 78' a formal agreement not to use weather weapons was signed by the usual suspects but as usual none of em can be trusted ,also your thinking on australia & immigrants isn't complete -abbott got a lot of grief but held the line of restricted immigration & interception of boat people was eventually coup'ed primarily as the media promoting the open door thinking protesters , after the bloodless coup the syrian refugees started into europe en masse the open door thinkers have quietened


    Christ said, “ I know my sheep and my sheep know me, and no one can pluck them from my hands, for my father in heaven hath giventh them unto me.”

    Since the day of Jacob and Esau a struggle of the Asian world, near and far eastern countries, these two tribal nations have struggled for a particular God in tying their existence to their father Abraham. This mankind’s major problem.

    Jacob is Israel and Esau extinguished his tribal bloodline via marrying into strange flesh known as Canaanite. Christ’s lineage is back to Abraham and unpolluted. After the Great Deluge, flood, Noah and his family settled down for several hundred years. All the people were not drowned in the flood. The Canaanite lineage survived. Jacob’s blood lineage is Israel. These people have no descendant nor connection with an Israel established in 1948. In fact, a pro-Zionist global faction established this are as a sounding, or staging area. for a future global commercial expansion in using world Jewry as a front. The Jewish and Zionist apparently have problems.

    During His ministry a Pharisee boasted to Christ that he, the Pharisee, was of Abraham’s blood lineage. Christ rebuked this seed-lineage that had formerly evolved from intermarrying into the nation of Esau. Christ explained to this character that he was not the seed of Abraham, and that his father was the devil. Christ added, the Pharisee lineage had killed all the prophets down through the ages. The obviously point to be socially cultivated here is that multitudes of various nations residing within America have lost their identity, while living under a regime bedded down with a pseudo-democracy lost their identity.

    America is one nation consisting of multi-nations. Each individual loses self-identity. From day on wards individuals slowly loses an everyday battle to function with a survival mode in cultivating a mob instinct, The fifty United States consists of fifty mobs sectioned off by state boundaries. The military industry, navy, army, marines etc;, are merely organized mobs. In order to nullify this assertion take a look at the hundreds of mobs crawling from state to state in asserting their so-called rights. Have they gained anything? No. Only damned fools runs up and down streets shouting for rights, These back-alley sewer-runners are worthless as productive citizens. Most of these mud-paddlers have been trained in global communist revolutionary precepts that as a looser-class of social-outcasts they are humanities waste products and a disease wherever they settle. In past decades several federal agencies has allowed such criminals to move into America as professional communist revolutionaries. The problem is that this global swarm of sewer-dwellers drag their gods along with them. e do not have a separate church and state system of federal rule, Our republic has been overthrown. Taking in consideration that we have a mobocracy orientated congress in hock to to whom ever bought them them into office we discover a pseudo-religious operation pulling America into a syndicated nest of devils in the flesh likening to the rebuttal that Christ laid upon a Pharisee.

    We cannot fool mother nature. Ninety-percent of Americans are mongrelized including this penman. This is traced back to ancient Esau of whom God actually hates, This bloodline absolutely swallows up our national constituency of voters. Ninety percent of immigrants from South America ate Catholics. Asiatics bring in oriental fundamentalism. Protestantism is about ten percent. True Israel through Jacob has nothing to do such expansions across Americans involved with disrupting and trying to destabilize the very foundations of our one great republic. Such retarded sociopolitical individuals subconsciously nurtures self-hatred with accepted nihilism. The American national citizenry, collectively suffer from the Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome. Demonized as mentally disorientated state of mind of zombies.

  15. We are group of intellectuals in Iraq- Kurdistan   you are very great person , you such others like (Jordan Maxwell) you are serving Another God …super power by the power of intellect.. thanks to Internet and You Tube which made to know you and to see your photo and emotions. Long LIVE you and other like you………….Greetings from Iraq-Iran-Kurdistan

  16. Jesuits and Jews are who opened our borders with the 1965 immigration act, and with it destroyed our society, and our communities. Now they want to kill everyone. They just hate White people, Jealousy is one of the worst traits of the inferior peoples.

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