Pope Francis an illuminati Jesuit of the NWO just made a special video just for this years Super Bowl. Saying events like this are highly symbolic and then pushing nwo non sesnse!

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  1. I'm from Sri Lanka just very recently the so called cardinal in the country (a faithful follower obviously of this pope) issuing a condolence message at the death of a monk with all the boldness the fellow malcolm ranjith (the cardinal) said that he hopes that this deceased monk will attain "Niwa Suwa" in other words what the buddhists believe what they achieve by being true followers of buddha…. so John 3 v 16 – 21 is applied only to Christians while the non believers can by being faithful followers of the respective religions can attain whatever is promised…..
    if the fellow has no guts to say that the monk ended up in hell atleast should have kept the lying mouth shut….. what is even more sad is that the church is asleep specially in countries such as ours where is just 8 % of Christians and Catholics combined….. needless to say the cardinal is loved by the buddhists…… the fellow stands against issues such as abortion not for the love of Christ but because it is mutually agreeable but when it comes to disagreeing issues or Clear Truths in the Bible the fellow gives the impression of "Don't worry you follow your religion faithfully and you will go to a good place" ABSOLUTE SHAME ON THESE KIND OF PEOPLE but this is no surprise to God and His church as these are signs of the Great Falling Away leading to the One World Religion and all of these speeding up to that one Blessed Hope the Glorious Second Coming Of Jesus….

  2. I honestly want to have a one-on-one chat with Vigilant Christian. I just would love to talk to him about these things because they are interesting and I want to know more. His videos are ok to watch but it's not like actually speaking to him.

  3. This video made me laugh so hard. Honestly, you Christians are really funny. You guys think you know everything. Saying that the Pope is satanic and shit. Honestly, get your facts straight. If he's "evil" give me proof. You guys have pastors who are married to women and have a family. While a priest gets married to God. His priority is God, not some woman. Christians are a waste of life. 😂 Christians are full of shit. You guys say that every little fucking detail is satanic. It's funny. You don't know anything. I suggest that you get a life, because apparently you aren't doing a good job at it. Oh and Mary is Jesus's mother. Learn to respect. Bye😁

  4. I'm a Traditional Catholic (i.e. Catholicism before 1960 when the Freemasons just turned everything on its head), and this guy is Freemason, Satanist or something worse. There is nothing genuine about him, and even non-Catholics can see he cares nothing at all for anything remotely Catholic. He calls proselytism 'pious nonsense'. Spreading climate change propaganda, etc. What more does one need? He is a complete heretic according to Catholic dogma itself.

  5. Wow the pope is just stupid or what? No no it's the people that listen to him are stupid. I'm commenting this before I even saw this video(as I'm watching) to say the Super Bowl is of peace. It's basically it's like all video games like call of duty is symbolic to unite spiritually to serve the purpose of God.

    Think about it.. No true Christian can like the pope for the things he is saying.. I don't know what else to say about the pope it's just too obviously ridiculous.

  6. What is doing the pope in superbowl????and also yes the absence of any cross or even a picture of Jesus shocks me!!!How is the superbowl uniting the world???? it is an american contest composed of american teams only for America! we, in Europe and I am almost sure, in other continents in the world we don't understand anything about the superbowl or american football , in fact we don't even care !!! it is not even shown in any television we prefer our own football (called soccer over there). the vast majority of us of us can't even cite 2 teams of american football! and I bet the pope Neither can do that.

  7. TVC Mario in a nutshell: I used to be a bipolar Man whore who played for both sides, until I used my own view of religion to "save" people by asking for money.

    If anyone doesn't agree with me, god will send them to hell.

    But I'll go to heaven for scamming everyone who's dumb enough to believe in my man made branch of Christianity.

  8. When the Mark of the Beast which is Sunday law is enforced by the Pope then Sabbath keepers (those that keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ) will be excluded from society as terrorists and religious extremists and they will be excluded from having jobs and identification and banking info, and that's what the scriptures mean about not being able to buy and sell because without these you can't buy and sell because you have nothing. Remember Catholicism is the woman who rides the beast in revelations. And the pope is hellbent on Replacing Gods Sabbath with the first day of the week. Nobody has the mark yet, but only when it is enforced worldwide and you have to make a decision then you will have chosen either obedience or rebellion, same test as Adam and Eve in the garden which they failed!

  9. Oh now your just hating on a pope? like are you hearing yourself? hes the pope… OH MY GOSH I DONT EVEN KNOW ANYMORE. Im OK for you guys to hate on ILLUMINATI THINGS BUT not the pope! THIS IS SO ANNOYING uhhh I cant deal with this anymore.

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