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  1. Intention behind the symbol matters more than actual symbol. I understand the intention, but soon everything (I mean, LITERALLY everything) will be considered "illuminati" just because "they" are using it… Many beautiful symbols were twisted by them… It's more sad than actually scary…

  2. Good video but I have to say, I don't think these "artists" are initiated into anything. They are just mere puppets, mindless slaves that do anything that their masters tell them. They are too stupid and too ignorant to be a part of anything, they are more like an army of zombies, can't even think on their own.

  3. i Really doubt the believing system of anything.. why believe what others are telling u ??? it doesnt make u worse or bad depending on what u believe… its an indoctrination either way. True thinking is to leave either sandbox and learn by reality as u see and experience it.
    The Occult practises etc is just Magic as u said.. its bullshit for the mind..

  4. ZOMBIES!! So true, almost every day I have an encounter with a zombie. Sometimes they try to walk right through me, it's so sad and unbelievable. When I insult them they don't even respond, only to look at me like I have the problem. I'm trying to be more understanding and show some compassion.

  5. Please do a video on a kind of collected proof that the illuminati exist or some kind of collected response to excuses that people make about the elite,I've been researching the illuminati for a while and It would be useful to have a video to some up the whole agenda,no one believes me when I try to explain and I end up looking stupid.

  6. yeah this is so true. First time commenting here and I've been watching your stuff! I have a creepy story about an aunt who is distant we were told she and her siblings practice witchcraft and one night an owl was out on a light post in the night (this was in new mexico so it's in the middle of nowhere near a mountain) and she kept hearing something talk in a different language and she looked up to where it was coming from and it was the owl talking and she immediately knew it was a witch casting a spell or something (they shapeshift into animals) and told it to fly off and go away. We are native american so we have a lot of these stories and the owl was something that had to do with skinwalkers and witches and something evil. I am not afraid of those because I believe in God and knowing those stories at a young age I know whats out there I am happy to be awake and knowing I have Jesus to guide and protect me.

  7. A while back, I was a secular rapper making a name for myself. before I did anything big, I came back to Christ and started using rap as a tool to reach people for the Lord. One night I was on my way to church and out of no where, I hit something with my car!! I got out and seen I had killed an owl right before I got to the church?! What talk think that means?

  8. "The Bohemian Grove.¬†¬† Why do 'they' (Illuminati)¬†go there in the summer?¬†¬† Why are they there for a few weeks, all these¬†important, prominent¬†CEOs?¬†¬† Then you get famous musicians, famous actors, you get congressmen, presidents.¬†¬†¬† All these people of power and prominence go there for a few weeks…¬†¬† They are planning our future.¬†¬† They are manipulating, plotting and planning what they are going to do to us, what the agenda is for that specific year,¬†what they are going to cause, what events they are going to cause to keep fear and panic going.¬†¬† So point these out to your fellow brothers and sisters, point the Owl out."¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† / A Call For An Uprising

  9. "The Owl is the symbol of Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom.¬†¬† So the Owl is another symbol that you need to look out for.¬†¬† You need to start getting the message out there to people about these symbols, because when you start seeing the symbols, it makes it very, very¬†easy to start AWAKENING.¬†¬† Your mind starts to process things differently.¬†¬† You are not always in an alpha state….¬†¬† You are conscious, you are seeing the symbols.¬† You¬†can distinguish who's a part of it and who's not.¬†¬† Obviously most of the people on the television are a part of it; we know that.¬† You don't get there unless you're a part of it…¬†¬† You will start AWAKENING faster, and then you can dig deeper down the Rabbit Hole.¬†¬† We have to keep the AWAKENING process going so¬†everybody can snap out of this robotic, zombie trance that the entire human race is in, specifically the United States of America."¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† /A Call For An Uprising

  10. Today in school they were making us idolize the founders of the Illuminati (Ben Franklin, John Locke, Voltaire,etc) and yesterday the teachers played this song about the U.S. government 15 times in one class!!!! It's getting easier because of praying and keeping faith but it's exhausting everyday.

  11. "… They (Illuminati)¬†feel like they are enlightened and we're not.¬†¬† They've hidden a lot of knowledge from us.¬† They've taught us fake pseudosciences that we believe, when they truly know what's going on; and most of us are in the dark, because they've led us in¬†a different¬†direction."¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†/A Call For An Uprising

  12. don't let it get you down. the man upstairs is coming down soon to sort out the righteous from the wicked. there's only one king of the world and it's the same one we've always had. and he's got plans for anyone who thinks they can stop them.

  13. Thanks for these videos you have truly inspired me to create my own channel and start uploading videos in the near future. Could you do a video on the God of the old testament? Something I am personally studying currently, sure your consice and direct approach would help as I am sure this is an area which pushes people away from God. Much Love Brother !

  14. 9:00 notice the pac man in the eyes of the owl, and the circles around the eyes make the figure eight, also between the breast fuzz and the feathers it makes the shape of a snake. To the right of the feet in the feathers you can see the snakes head. The figure eight looks like snake skin. Sure; it's just an owl!!!

  15. Sad for Justin. Sad for all who have bowed to satan for the "riches" of the earth. Sad for those who follow these lost and forsaken "idols" . The deception is off the charts. We can thank the paid off churches and their "pastors" for the last 50 years for where we are today. Anyone who wants to hear a real pastor who could give a care about what the world thinks he should be, check out Charles Lawson, zion 4131 on yt.

  16. Shhhhhhhh…. ((*V*))

    (Just kidding..I just liked this particular photo for my icon.. I've had it for years, way before I heard it was associated with the Illuminati) I'm actually a daily student, and believer in Christ. But, owls are cool, and I won't let them take my owl. lol. Also, I want my damn Rainbow back, too! ūüôā

  17. Yes the owl represents the femal goddess in more than one culture. However, I am 63 and studied comparative mythology from the time I was 14. I never ever until Alex Jones heard or read of anyone who equated Moloch with the owl. I hate to say this, but I think that is dis-information. Moloch was always equated with the bull or bull calf. The owl was reserved for the goddess. Now many people are quoting what Alex Jones has said on this. However, I do not think he has a degree in any Mesopotamian history, anthropology, language, religion, etc. I used to read accredited experts, and they always equated Moloch with the bull or bull calf. Other ancient cultures equated the owl with death, such as several Native American tribes.

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