Here’s The Link To My Blog ( Illuminati World Control, Gold & The Jesuits – William Dean A. Garner – Red Ice Radio ) Here’s The Link To My Blog ( Ron Paul 2012 It’s Time For A National Referendum ) Here’s The Link To My Blog (Big Sis Janet Napolitano Runs Female Cult at The DHS And TSA Caught Playing With Guns In California ! ) Here’s The Link To My Blog ( Romney Is Cyanide , Obama Is Arsenic I Choose Life And Freedom ( Ron Paul 2012) My Name Is Terry Ronzio and My Web Site is This is The 2nd Video Of 7 of walking 10 Miles For Our Troops And Patriotism On The Iroquois War Path In Greene County Pennsylvania On 8-23-12 (Part 2) 8,970 Miles Walking For The Troops And Patriotism ! Of All The Videos On Youtube I Feel That Every Freedom Fighter On The Planet Should Watch The Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Video) and Here Is The Link to That Amazing Video My Total Miles after This PATRIOTIC MARCH FOR FREEDOM is at 8,970 Miles in 5 and a half Years of Walking For The Troops and Patriotism ! Every 500 Miles that I walk I Present that Flag to a Military Unit or Soldier that has been over in The War and I’m Walking With Flag Number 18 ! Right now Flags 13 , 14 15 , 16 , and 17are waiting for their New Homes with 499 miles on each of them . Every Year My Goal is to do 3 legs of 500 miles a year so in order to reach this goal I try to average 30 to 40 miles a week ! As Always in these videos I Talk about Interesting Tales From My 5 Year Journey and I Bring Up Ideas on how Freedom Patriots Can Save The World From Slavery and Tyranny ! Be Brave , Be Strong , Stand Tall , Walk Proud and Most Of All Talk Loud Are My True Words Of Being FREE 🙂 OBAMA and Company are like Freaking Termites eating away at The mighty Tree Of Liberty and they are making it very hard for any person to feel Free and live in FREEDOM ! Benedict Arnold Obama is Starting A New Civil War by Protesting State Power ! Arizona , Wisconsin , Ohio , Etc. Etc. and is Now Ignoring The Constitution and Following The Orders Of The United Nations ! The Patriots Are Working Hard to Unite Everyone , and Obama and Many Others in Washington DC Are Moving At Light Speed To Undo everything Patriotic Americans Do and have done through out OUR GREAT HISTORY !!! . The American Patriots Must Rise Up and Call their People in Washington to FIRE people One Day At A Time . Today We Impeach Obama and Fire Janet Napolitano and Hillary Clinton !! All People Have to Do starting today make One Phone Call ! Fire One Traitor Of Freedom A week . The Time To Make A Stand For Freedom Was Yesterday , Not Today , and We Must Fight by using Free Speech as Our Most Powerful Weapon To Win Now !! WE THE PEOPLE ARE HOME LAND SECURITY !! UNITED WE Can Exterminate The Termites Of Tyranny !! 🙂 Keep The Faith My Friends 🙂 The Time For The American Patriots To Organize A 3 Million Patriot March On Washington DC IS NOW !!! We Can Call it A TEXAS TEA PARTY AT THE WHITE HOUSE Because We Must Protest The High Price at The Gas Pumps and OBAMA MUST GO !! With This Unconstitutional Act Of War Against Libya and many other United Nation Ordered Acts Of War it is Now in Plain View That The NWO BANKER Pirates Have Control Of Our Boys And Girls Lives in Our Military and We The People Are The Voice Of Our Soldiers because They Have No Voice ! Thank You For Your Support My Friends 🙂 It keeps My feet Moving in these Dark Times Of TYRANNY in America ! I Do Believe that Happy Days Of Liberty and Justice are Coming Back To The USA and The World ! Faith , Truth , Honor and Valor Will Be The Force that saves The World From this Corrupt , and Wicked Tyranny that has its Evil Grip On Our Lives like Chains of Involuntary Servitude ! Be Brave , Be Strong , , Stand Tall , Walk Proud and Gather Around The Liberty Tree On A Street in your Home Town to Sing Songs and Speak Words Of Truth and Freedom (Links to contact me )… ( Terry Ronzio Facebook Page ) ( My Facebook News Page ) (E-mail)


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  1. All – The Vatican-2 heretic cult (founded in 1965 at the Vatican) *cannot possibly be* the Catholic Church … since it *enforces* the opposite, the opposite, and the opposite of the Catholic Dogma.

    The founding documents of the vatican-2 heretic cult … the “vatican-2 council” documents … have well over 200 heresies *against* Dogma.

    Site > Immaculata-one (dot) com

    Section 12 > Anti-Christ vatican-2 heresies (50 listed)

    Sections 13 and 13.1 > Photographic *proof* of heresy at the Vatican

  2. Continuing …

    Section 13.2 > Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication … for physical participation in a heretic cult such as the vatican-2 cult

    Section 19.1 > Dogma on Abjuration for re-entering Christianity (the Catholic Church) … Formal Abjuration also provided here.

    Section 13.3 > Matt 16:18, Gates of Hell scripture … is not about the Papacy … defined at Constantinople II

    Section 10.2 > Returning to state of grace, in places and times when Confession is not available, like now

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