INFILTRATED= METHODIST working with illumanati & JESUITS setting up NEW WORLD ORDER 3of4

Recently Raised 205 Million in just a few days for a Special Project, When You Understand they have Hosted some of the BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS in the World, then You can understand how this Little SUPER RICH University was able to raise this kind of money during Hard Times for Everyone else, They Get their Judges, District Attorney, Sheriffs Elected to Office so none of the Big Drug Dealers ever go to jail, they get off on Technicalities, but not the little drug dealer.


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  1. I don't get this amaeus walk that many christian leaders go on. You stay three days and nights, and come away saying it's the most wonderful experience you have ever had. It's sounds creepy to me.

  2. you've done quite a bit of research…i saw that ophra show and remember thinking this was not possible. wow, was i stupid. i remember my parents were so protective of me…over protective and now know things that they were smart enough to "sense". here's a link to that famous ramsey case in the news so long.. google stewwebb DotCom

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