Infowars Pulls Video After Random Woman Trolls Them To Perfection

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  1. The title should be “…after interviewer does a terrible job.” Other than, “eat the rich” I didn’t see any trolling. You clearly agree because at 5:17 you’ve spent most of your time on the interviewers incompetence and next to nothing on the other woman’s ability to troll “to perfection”.

  2. Socialism = legalized theft . I love when you say “we “ should give free Heath care to everyone . But to give this “free” health care away you have to point a gun at doctors or tax payers head and rob them and make them into your slaves . Black people used to be forced to work for free and we can all agree that was evil . Is it not also evil to use force to rob people of their hard earned money or doctors of their time and effort. How can you justify using force to make people into your slaves so someone else that didn’t work can have “free” goodies . And if u think it is ok what’s to stop people from a less productive country like Africa from coming and taking what you have ? Go help people with wealth you produce and stop steeling from people !! I’m an objectivist I think the republicans are just as bad .

  3. White house is worth 389 million sooooooo whats your point? Lol
    Also im pretty sure implimenting a couple socialistic ideals into america isnt necessarily doomed for dissaster its precisely why we have repiblicans democrats etc in the first place. If bernie became president its not like hed be forcing everyone to eat rats.
    The questions were disingenuous and offensive really even ignorant. That woman is a fucking retard. Id love to see her get attacked by bill mahr or something. Would be great

  4. I want people to have freeee heeelth careee she does not have an accent she's just talking sooo slow all you horny weirdos talking ab her accent it's non existent she has an annoying valley girl accent. She has a Google pixel (I think) and Starbucks in her hand she sounds like she has money to donate to help people get Healthcare…

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