Interview – Drake Shelton & Eric Jon Phelps – The Jesuits were not founded by Jews

Interview – Drake Shelton & Eric Jon Phelps – The Jesuits were not founded by Jews

Ex Roman catholic Priest Leo Lehmann testifies:



Jesuit Oath:
Almost Forbidden Books:


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  1. 100 years of Zionist media control and over dominance of Marxist education of disinformation. EDWARD BERNAYS FORMS PROPAGANDA COMMITTEE

    The Jew: Commissary to the Gentiles
    The First to See the Possibilities of War by Propaganda

    By Mike King – (anti NYTimes):
    Wilson establishes the Committee on Public Information (CPI) for the purpose of manipulating public opinion in support of the war. Edward Bernays, "the father of American propaganda" is a CPI member. A nephew of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Zionist Bernays boasts of his ability to control the public mind. He calls his scientific methods for controlling public opinion, "the engineering of consent." .In his 1928 book, Propaganda, .Bernays explains:

    "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. – We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind."

    Bernays and his CPI co-conspirators portray the American war effort as a holy crusade "to make the world safe for democracy", while at the same time spreading vile hate-filled propaganda directed towards Germany and its Emperor, Wilhelm II.
    "Babies & Bayonets."
    In Europe and America, Germany was now the target of hateful and ridiculous war propaganda.
    Bernays wrote the book on propaganda and manipulation; literally.
    America's military is very small, but its capacity to field and equip an army is great. The unpopular draft is instituted in 1917. By the war's end, under the idiotic pretext of "making the world safe for democracy" (Bernays’ slogan), more than 2 million unsuspecting American men will have been sent to fight for Globalism and Zionism.


    The Jew: Commissary to the Gentiles

  2. In 1521, Ignatius was wounded while fighting the French in one of the wars of Charles V. During his convalescence, he underwent his much-touted mystical crisis, after which he took up the life of a hobo. Making his way around Europe seeking funding for a pilgrimage to the holy land, Ignatius found his way to Venice, where he camped out in St. Mark’s Square and lived by begging.

    One evening the Venetian oligarch Marcantonio Trevisan was sleeping in his golden palace, and had a vision. An angel came to him asking, “Why are you sleeping so soundly in your warm bed, while in the square there is a holy man, a poor pilgrim who needs your help?” Trevisan rushed downstairs to find Ignatius, who became his house guest, fleas and all.

    After that, Ignatius was given an audience with the doge, Andrea Gritti, who offered him passage to Cyprus on a Venetian warship as first leg of his pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Ignatius continued his travels, but soon returned to Venice to develop relationships with other members of the oligarchy. These included Gasparo Contarini’s nephew Pietro, who became a recipient of Ignatius’ patented brainwashing treatment, the Exercitationes Spirituales.

    Then Ignatius made his way to Rome. Here he became the protégé of Gasparo Contarini, who had been appointed to the College of Cardinals by Pope Paul III Farnese. The cardinal took the Exercitationes Spirituales, and appointed Ignatius his personal confessor and spiritual advisor. By 1540, Contarini had personally interceded with the pope against Ignatius’ enemies within the church hierarchy to ensure the founding of the Society of Jesus as a new Church order. In June 1539, Contarini personally traveled to the pope’s summer residence at Tivoli, and prevailed on the pontiff to let him read aloud the statutes of the new order composed by Ignatius. The pope must have been favorably impressed by something. His approving comment Hic est digitus Dei, (“Here is the finger of God”), has become a feature of the turgid Jesuit homiletics.

    Venetian influence on both Reformation and Counter- Reformation can be seen most clearly in the remarkable career of Gasparo Contarini, who did not let the fact that he was a Protestant in theology, well before Luther, prevent him from founding the Society of Jesus.

    Contarini was the scion of one of Venice’s most prestigious LONGHI families. The Contarinis had produced seven doges, and Gasparo had his sights set on being the eighth, before he was tapped to serve Venice as a member of the College of Cardinals. He served the Serene Republic as ambassador to the court of Charles V, and as ambassador to the Vatican, where he took a role in setting up the Medici Pope Clement VII for the 1527 sack of Rome. Toward the end of his life, Contarini was sent as papal legate to the Imperial Diet at Regenburg, where he represented the Roman point of view in debates with schismatics like Melancthon. There, he had a hand in destroying any compromise between the Lutherans and the Emperor Charles, which would have helped to end the bloodshed and dissension of the Reformation years.

  3. They had me, confused, as a young 'catholic' with that Hymn touting/singing, and I quote:
    "…eat MY body, drink MY blood, then we'll sing a song of love,(?, reeeally…) Halalu, halalu, halalu, Halalu-uuya …"
    How damned sick is that ?!
    …and all those mindless 'adults…?!', were just okay with that crap…that's incredible. Long (human) time since those days…

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