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Mark Delp – synthesizer music


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  1. Wow. 2nd time around. First time I was doing chores and listening. Second time taking notes. Self confessed Boomer, but I would come here just for the music. Would love to buy some to support.

  2. New subscriber via LTV. Started with 5th Ave anon, and going backwards. Great sourcing and methodology. Already well versed on Lucis, Blavatsky and AAB. Mueller was new to me. Great job. Looking forward to upcoming videos.

  3. Look at " The Plan" one world gov, education , religion. Their timeline connects in some way to timeline in book of revelations. Cuttingedgeministries NWO, have in depth research on this, dig in there.

  4. The first Robert Mueller school in USA started in Arlington, TX circa 1979. Texas is where all public school text books have been produced from for many years… hmm…🤔seems like another info tunnel to explore.

  5. You’re statement on understanding trends is 100% spot on! I know I’m about to tell you to watch infowars 😂 but a few years ago they had a former satanic priest on the show and he broke down a little bit how the Occult works. He gave an example of mind control by understanding human psychology. His example was from the 60’s when Betty Crocker came out with a new simple cake mix that was just add water to the mix and it didn’t sell. They hired a team of “psychologists” to find out why. They said all Betty Crocker had to do was add to the instructions was add one egg. So egg+mix+water. This is because it was mainly younger women would be buying the mix and women have a psychological connection to the egg. After that the cake mix flew off the shelves. So that’s an example of psychological control companies have on us.

  6. UNIRock2 and UNIRach I am loving these explorations – I wish more would expose this rabbit hole. I think the ruling elite are twisting the love and light messages of Djwhal Khul channeled through Alice Bailey … or Alice Bailey and DK are hiding satan as lucifer in their messages of love and light to attract followers because they don't name him – they call him the Christ Consciousness. How do I know? I have read all of the works of Madam Blavatsky, all of the works of Rudolph Steiner, and half of the books of Alice Bailey over the last 10 years. And I have come to the conclusion that the ruling elite who are definitely following these teachings are either 1. twisting the Theosophical, New Age, Aryan Race, New World Order, Age of Aquarius, Golden Age of Man to control and harm others … or 2. are carrying out the actual but hidden Luciferian agenda of those Theosophical writers.

    I've read about 3000+ pages of heir work and cannot decide whether it is 1. or 2, but those are the only two possibilities living under their rule of poisoned water, air and food, gluttonous greed, depopulation practices, and constant stream of fear. They are following these writers in carrying out Luciferian practices of control (Hitler was a big theosophical follower and was funded by the rothschilds, rockerfellers and the vatican after WWI bankrupted them), but these writers always express it in terms of light and love, a golden age of peace and shared resources under one world, one religion, one government … much like the bible prophesized a golden age with the return of Jesus Christ they profesize the same with the return of Lucifer as Christ … because it was he who gave humans knowledge by influening Eve and Adam to eat from the tree of knowledge while it was the Isreali God of vengence who wished to keep humans dumb and punished them for becoming illuminated with wisdom. Lucifer, which means light bearer in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, illuminated humans and these luciferians who managed to control all global systems in 2000 years but ironically are mostly Jewish or Zionists (converted Christians or Khazars) are coming out with these beliefs more and more now even the Vatican.

    If you get your info on God from the old testament then yeah you have a jewish God. The new testament also written by jews – converted jews called christians – attempted to correct the jewish view of an angry vengeful God. But the Jews rejected the kinder gentler new testament version of God and went on to dominate global banking, energy, government, media, entertainment … in just 2000 years. Very smart and very profitable but not very nice, loving, cooperative, or compassionate because it is based soley n greed … nah that's all in the New Testament they rejected. Much easier to morally dominate the world and all life here if you think you are God's chosen people and the rest here dont matter – just fodder for more profit. We will not be free until we free ourselves from ALL middle eastern religions and I'm too sure about theosophy either! Truth prevails. Peace

  7. Lucifer is not the equivalent of Satan. The confusion a lot of people have in their minds between the two is leading to the idea that Theosophy is Satan worship. It isn't. There used to be a brand of matches called Lucifer, so named because lucifer means bringer of light, and represents the morning or evening star, Venus. The confusion between Lucifer and Satan is a modern conflation of the two. Listen to Manley P. Hall's interesting lectures, available here on YouTube. You would be very hard-pressed to find anything evil in there. There is a huge and fascinating library consisting of occult works he collected in the US, in Los Angeles I think. Occult simply means hidden, hidden because, as the bible points out, there's not much point 'casting pearls before swine', because they will likely not appreciate the jewels, as they won't understand it. Heck, they probably wouldn't even be able to pronounce the words they read there.

  8. Please don't mix the good guys with the not good guys.on the good side no one world order,many many believers in Christ Jesus,not all many good people that don't serve Jesus but we are all good people who want good life for humanity,health prosperity,love,kindness truth.

  9. Used to be called luciferian trust.nobody is losing their own thinking but look uni this is a battle about good verses is about waking up to understanding that evil people have ruled this world and decieved multitude ẞ of people by false flags false space and on and on .so we wakeup and say no way no need to realize they would have taking over if they could and you need to relized they did and do have power not their own so please don't think people are brainwashed no way.we are just thinking for ourselves NO LONGER SHEEP.thats why we follow trump and Q they to are real and they are the good guys.honey we are living in an awesome time in we are not occultists they are the bad guys producing fake lies seduction,deception to control humanity.choose whom you will serve.its an eye opener and they only people who are brainwash are those that are sleep.we are not that or partof the groups.we are the people that believe and love humanity and care about true and have woke up no longer brainwash.the mainline media is a family use to be 6 families but now 5 .these people are globalist luciferians ,who hate you and me.they hate humanity why?because they are of their father the devil.we are not of the same cut.we serve the father of heaven.

  10. Yeah it's calling indoctrination.start it young,capture their mind,heart and spirit.jesuits in force this,they don't believe in Christ in the flesh,his death and life…no..but you can pretend you are good with a Christ within age believe not really old as hills Lucifer worship.

  11. I'm surprised you didn't know about Theosophy and the Spiritualist Movement of that time period. I think it's more philosophical. The Zodiac and Signs have "Ages" that correspond with Astronomy. The Book of Enoch includes the Time that we use to this day.

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