Is there really a Jesuit conspiracy?

Do any of the rumors about the Jesuit organization have a grain of truth?


Here are the facts.

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Is there really a Jesuit conspiracy?


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  1. please all of you watch the 1986 movie "The Mission". you all will understand the goodness of Jesuits. The Rulers and other rich businessmen were jealous of the Jesuits due to their influence in the global trade. They had a socialist economy agenda, if you earn money through trade, spend it on the community and the wellness of others. they also send No to slavery. they believed that everybody were the children of God and Jesus every ones savior. The European rulers and businessmen have made conspiracy over them and spoiled their name.

  2. As an ex-S.baptist and currently in R.C.I.A. Im gonna use scripture to help all of you understand that it is impossible for jesuits to be doing evil. first, they are called "the society of jesus christ". they believe and testify of the trinity, confessing jesus is god in the flesh. this can only be done by the holy spirit-(1John 2;22. 4;2. 5;1). So satan is absent and unable to have hold of the jesuits-(Luke 11;17-23)…. kinda makes you scratch your head and have to re-think this whole "evil jesuit thingy" all over again huh.

  3. there really a Jesuit conspiracy but is against them. the jesuits helps the poor people. that's is were go crazy, rich secrets societies targets them as objectives because it is a conflict of their interest. there are secrets society of rich people out there.

  4. My dear friends. U have it all wrong i am sorry to say. The Jesuits were formed by st. Ignatios of Loyolta, yes but you are acting like it is a protostent religion, like Luthern or Baptist. It is an order. Like Mother Teresa started an order called "Missionaries of charity". And Francis is the first because the Jesuits are SO NEW compared to the other orders. Pls, have a great day, and God, Allah, Buddha or whoever u worship bless u! 🙂

  5. Being associated with the inquisition and the most infamous inquisitor Torqemada is like being a Kennedy, the association is a focal point for looniness. Back in the day there were national politics involving jesuits and the vatican and conspiracies, so that's fuel for the fire too, but seriously, the church is no longer a world power like it was and doesn't matter who the pope is anymore.

  6. Make video about Legion of Christ, international pedophile organization with tens of billions of dollars. Same about drug/Contras/mafia connection to Banco Ambrosiano with also tens of billions of dollars (main shareholder: Vatican Bank).

  7. Funny thing, is how can you verify any document on any secretive mysterious organization unless you are in it and then you would have to be the ones in charge of it!!! So unless the higher ups of an organization decide to give information and proof of who they are to the organization, everything else leaked is just a good eyebrow raising story, hhmmmmmmm……

  8. So this video isn't going to go into the terrible history of the Jesuits at all, just speculate on rumors and forgeries? Regardless, I love these "stuff they don't want you to know" videos.

  9. The Jesuits are actually more liberal and intellectual than the other Orders in the Church.  I am more distrustful of Opus Dei.  That having been said, while I am glad that the Founders imposed a prohibition on religious tests for Office I have a feeling that it might have been partly to appease the Catholic Powers of Europe that helped our Revolution.  I am not against this prohibition, for sure, as any discrimination is a step backwards; but I have to notice that the Supreme Court seems to lean toward Catholic interpretations of "Natural Law" as opposed to the more traditional Anglo-Saxon Common Law.  I think that this needs to be discussed openly and not suppressed in the name of a conservative form of political correctness.

  10. I always thought it was interesting the bible states that the devil flips things upside down, what is good is evil, and what is evil is good. Interesting concept coming from a "good book" and a "good religion" whose roots and traditions are based off of pagan rituals..

  11. i could be wrong but i believe the jesuits started off as good people, the did missionary work in south america and helped out alot of native americans. the suppresion of the jesuits in 1773 was the turning point. i believe the vaticans suppressed the order for a few decades to take control of the order.

  12. religion. all religions are ways for confused people to feel safe. confused in the sense that they dont know what to do about themselves, life, liberty, finances, etc. not confused as to what the truth is. truth is, religions are manufactured. by one economic company. Human Inc. (also known as Life LLC)

  13. Replace "jesuit" with "zionist" and then you might actually have something. "Jesuit bankers" lmfao, what?  Ben Bernanke is something that starts with a -J, but it's not "jesuit."  A lot of these jesuit cospiracy theories are made up by anti-catholic, anti-christian jews.

  14. Betrayal and murder of Catholic priests by the Catholic church when its placed over the UN military future world rule : The lost book of Nostradamus plate #79 note its details closely. Rev. 6:8,9/Rev.17:6

  15. okay so now since you have made a video about the 'Jesuit' Conspiracy- you are free to continue on your efforts to expose the REAL Conspiracy… the MAIN Conspiracy… the only Conspiracy which really matters… the Talmudic Zionist Communistic Jew Conspiracy… this is the driving force behind all major world events… people cannot handle this basic self-evident truth… Israel committing the crime of 9-11 and not being caught for it is the proof that this Conspiracy is both successful and largely invisible to the public eye…

    but we all know that you will never do a video exposing the REAL Conspiracy…

  16. If the Jesuit and "traditional" factions within the Vatican were at odds, perhaps a member of the traditional faction leaked the goods, so that by revealing their modus operandi the traditional faction could then snare the Jesuits? Blackmail, basically.

    Then to add to this effect, they both come out and say it is a hoax, to keep the secret a secret. The psychology behind it makes sense too, as it would look good from the Catholic perspective that they can trust their leaders, and not have the appearance of a divided church. And how do we know that they didn't put "markers" in their own books, as in; purposely publish it with mistakes or errors, to include content so "over the top" that no one would believe it anyway? That would make it even easier to write it off as a forgery, and not uncommon when government exchange information, or purposely leak disinformation. Why would the Vatican do anything different? It's a political organization, its own country with laws and ambassadors. They have everything to lose if they don't play the game.

    It just seems rather shady the things they do. Secret societies tend to be up to no good, or else it probably wouldn't be so secret.

  17. No mention of the Knights Templar here? The Masons? I am a lapsed Catholic but the Jesuits and Pope Francis are not that mysterious; they may well be what they appear to be, good men. Pope Francis has shown by his actions to be in conflict with the comfortable lifestyles of those in power. There is a history here but there is also what we all can see in the present day.

  18. Never heard of these guys until this episode thanks STDWYK! continuing the religious tone are you guys ever doing an episode on the creationist and there conspiracy theories on how evolutionist are hiding biblical proof of there beliefs? you kind of touched it a little on the episode on giants forever ago and if not I understand there are a lot of media outlets don't want to deal with them….

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