The first short video on how to test for infiltration of your church by the occult forces of darkness. Witches warlocks illuminati freemasons jesuits and satanists have covens and lodges designed to destroy a Christians and their gatherings. A church is a gathering of PEOPLE, not a building. These spies and INFILTRATORS come amongst the congregation to usurp, seduce, hurt, or render useless a gathering, if not destroy it, from within. Thankfully, they are easily stopped by discerning believers. The Power of Jesus Christ will send them packing or convert them to Gods kingdom. See Russ Dizdar on Youtube for the best guidance on Spiritual Warfare. Get ready for the great tribulation. Fight against the new world order. Defend against the antichrist. More videos will be uploaded. God bless you and stay vigilant and stay safe. Love Peace and Blessings In Christ Jesus of Nazereth, Yeshua hah Meshiach. Shalom.


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