It Has Begun…Mandatory Vaccinations for All ~ Argentina..Home to Jesuit Pope Francis



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  1. Vaccines cause autism, allergies, nerve problems, and eye problems. It has been scientifically proven for years now. 3rd world vaccines will definitely cause autism and nerve problems. Another way to dumb down the next generation.

    Finally some doctors speaking out. Took long enough. Not everyone can be bought.

  2. It's all about money. Working in the medical field I was unfortunately apart of it. We would get bonuses depending on the amount of people we coerced to get the flu shot. We kept a log and every month a bonus was given to the girl who gave the most. Disgusting!

  3. This can work both ways…
    All who refuse to get vaxxed actually do get sick …
    Or those who do get vaxxed get sick.
    Who knows how they gonna play it?
    IDK sounds like they want to get rid of all those who wont change with their future plans.
    We shall see.
    Best way is to stay away from everybody else as long as possible to have time to figure out the route they taking.

  4. I share info on vaccines even though it alienates me from my colleagues in the birth doula world. Because children are more important than my side job. My 4 unvaccinated children are so healthy it's ridiculous in comparison to their peers. We just don't go to the doctor pretty much ever.

  5. you need to educate these morons and show them their cereal box diploma they earned with 12 upcs and 4.99 s&h isn't worth a shit. you need the documentation to throw at them and then the facts are irrefutable. plenty of literature about why vaccination is not only junk science but stupid as fuck. curing disease using disease is a form of mental illness.

  6. I couldn’t believe my sons pediatrician didn’t give me a hard time denying his flu shot! I don’t have the option on the vacations where I live in mass. It’s almost like the Dr. didn’t want him to have it, it was a weird moment. I’m thankful I had the say on my son this time.

  7. We need to work from the stance of, “misery loves company “, obviously they have miserable lives and want us to be miserable to. They cannot possibly like or trust one another, they have no love or compassion, and if their idea of happiness is controlling the masses by taking everything of worldly Value from the masses, then they don’t know what happiness is.

  8. THANKS, plane!!! Dr. Andrew Moulten is (although most likely assassinated when he died in 2013 – a healthy 49y.o) the most extraordinary researcher and diagnostician for the vaccine-injured children up there with Wakefield, Bradstreet, etc. He took pictures of dozens of children (just in one lecture – he photographed hundreds) showing the signs of STROKE in little children. I hope his book is available in print version. Do have someone on to tell people about his very extensive credentials & his extremely important warnings for the parents (and others) still entrained by big-pharm/ama dr.s!!

  9. Bill Gates isn't just talking – his/&companion big-pharma "health foundation" took polio vaccine to Pakistan and India, and caused many hundreds of deaths in the children who got these poisons, and many SEVERE cases of a never-before-seen type of "polio" that was much worse than the "wild" polio found in nature. I haven't heard re: Pakistan, but Supreme Court of India is suing them. (Of course, they've probably bribed enough people to make this news go away.) Yep, there has NEVER been "AIDS" from a bacteria/virus EVER PROVEN. (Koch's Postulates NOT fulfilled – it can't be cultured, etc. Yes, AZT is deadly) – they also target people who have very poor nutrition, people with bad drug addictions like meth, or gay men who just happen to be skinny. It makes me so upset that WOMEN -mostly – continue to serve their infants and children to the VACCINE MOLOCH ( and no, Moloch is NOT an owl.) WAKE UP, all good people. DO NOT CONSENT.

  10. U kick ass, I love ur work, I love how in other videos u have discovered alot of words and their true meanings. Hell-O. Love it. Keep up the good work. Once we reach a certain level of knowledge, it gets easier to separate the real from the fake. So far, every video I've watched of yours, u show nothing but truth. 👍👍

  11. Pennsylvania, where I live, some employers in this "Commonwealth" state, make it mandatory for you to be vaccinated in order to maintain your health insurance and also keep your employment. What to do. Back against the wall…..

  12. An IT executive of one of the major drug companies found out they were putting the pneumonia bug in the flu vaccine, and they found out he knew so they threatened him. He quit and went to work as a truck driver. Don't even take a vaccine, for any reason. They are putting God knows what in them, and it's all deliberate.

  13. There was a lady I no on Facebook that had her child vaccinated and they tried to charge her $700.00 because they gave her the wrong vaccine saying they were supposed to give her the vaccine that her insurance covered. So there is a vaccine for folks that cannot afford top shelf insurance?? Anyone no about this BS.

  14. I've tried to explain to my friends the absurdity of the herd mentality and they don't get it. What you said about this is my logic too but I know PHDs who don't understand how stupid this is. People seem unable to think logically on their own.

  15. Doctors and nurses are always tring to jam this down public throats they makes more money for given treatment like shots, some treatments are more profitable than others and vaccines are at the top of that list with almost no resources needed. It is to totally destroy our free and critical thinking systems. Do my best to never vaccinate. MOSTY DOCTORS ARE STUPID AND THERE FOR THE MONEY.. last year became extremely sick for 3 mo strait the only thing doctors did was drug me and tell me to take more but never could explain what was wrong or how to correct the situation so I would be healthy.. Should have put my trust in the Great Maker. Was a nurse for a very long time doctors graduate on average with less working knowledge then nurses, how scary never could figure out what they were to learn in medical school.

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