39 Replies to “It Is Your Lucky Day”

  1. I've had a few close call moments like this in my life so far, times where I should have been dead but I could feel the presence of God protecting me, as it must not be my time yet. Angels are real!

  2. It is not luck but rather God's loving kindness not wanting anyone to perish without giving them a chance to repent and be saved. But should one continue to live in his wicked ways, then he will be uprooted. May we hearken to God's words while we still have the chance. God bless us all.

  3. Awesome – Guardian Angels working overtime! =D If you aren't a believer in Christ you're truly missing out on his Divine Interventions. Impossible things occur when you have that extra layer of protection. Reminds me of when:

    – My tire blew on the way to work, right as I was passing a tire shop.
    – Every traffic accident I have ever been in, a friend or boyfriend just happened to drive by immediately after my crash and they provided comfort to me and protected me through the whole ordeal.
    – Narrowly escaped a sexual assault as a child (on 3 occasions).
    – Stranded in a blizzard after dark in a remote area. Slid on patch of ice, stuck in ditch with my baby. Some person shows up out of no where, pushed me out of the ditch with his hands, got me back on the road and disappeared into the night!
    – During the financial crash in 2008, during a divorce my house sold THE VERY WEEK it would have gone to foreclosure.
    – I've had some unfaithful boyfriends (many have). For some reason every single time I've been lied to or cheated on, I found out about it literally moments if not a week or 2 later. It's kind of like God strategically placed people I know within the vicinity of the cheating boyfriends when I was being duped. Therefore, I've always been provided a witness and proof (sometimes even cell phone images) making it fairly easy to walk away from them rather quickly.
    – Nearly every dangerous situation I have been in, I just barely made it to safety…. God is good! #Jesus

  4. Yeah I have seen all of these I'm actually fascinated by close calls like these I have seen so many over the years I'm flat-out convinced everything is intentionally this is definitely no random world that we live in that is without a doubt! 😏

  5. I had one of these moments crossing the street in the crosswalk. The car turning right just about got me. As I turned away, lifting my knee and hip, a driver from a passing car, hollered "buy a lottery ticket 🎟!!. Lol.

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