Kennedy Beltram sings: “The books of the New Testament” & ” God so Loved the World”

Cherie Beltram sermon on “Jade Helm and the Jesuits” in the End Times. Exposing the connection the connection of the militant priests (Jesuits) in the catholic church and how they are working to implement the plan for new world order and a big part of that is JADE HELM. Some things discussed are: Ignatious of Loyola, idol worship, occult, satanic worship, catholic church, pope, black pope, superior general, isis, horus, set, ancient Egyptian idol worship, demons, phallus, obelisk, tammuz, semiramis, jesuit oath. Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit priest and his testimony. Jim Jones, also a Jesuit priest and the People’s Temple. The massacre/suicide at Jonestown, Guyana.

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Information on who the Jesuits are.

The Jesuit oath

Current Black Pope denies ever seeing this oath.

Donald McGuire cover up by Jesuit priests.

Jim Jones Jesuit priest

Breaking down the word “vatican”

Alberto’s Rivera’s Death and the orders to kill him

Jesuit infiltration of the churches clip by Alberto Rivera

Alberto Rivera

Obama and Joe Biden’s many connections with the jesuits

Former Jesuit Priest speaks on satanism in the Catholic Church.

Sermon notes and scripture references available at churches website.



  1. Preach Sister! Keep these anointed and wonderful videos coming! God bless you!
    The devil comes as an angel of light. He has his ministers posing as ministers of righteousness. An example of these fake and false preachers are preachers that are in direct fellowship with the papacy (present day Antichrist) in Rome.
    One such preacher that comes to mind is Kenneth Popeland himself!

    Adopho Nicholas is no longer the Jesuit General. He stepped down from that position.
    He has been replaced by another top level Jesuit from Argentina. Look into it.
    Btw, Kenneth Popeland converted to Roman Catholicism!

  2. Man you I said a mouthful about the Catholic Cult ! I was raised in the Catholic so called religion. The only good thing that came of it was they taught me discipline and patience because they beat me into it !!! There was no love there at all. Mary was shoved down my throat ! They taught us that if God didn't answer our prayers to pray to Mary ! She is our loving mother. I was screamed at in the confessional for missing church. "Don't you know that is a mortal sin !" That priest had me in tears. I was six years old…..How was I supposed to get there by myself ? I never forgot that. God brought me out of all that ….Praise His Holy name ! …..But yes ,whenever I try to point out obvious things that are so wrong with this religion….these people are so argumentative ! Like fire breathing dragons !

  3. In my research about the Staff the Pope carries, Ive noticed its symbolic. They always have JESUS ON THE CROSS with it BOWED. Because once Jesus came down from the Cross His Work on Earth was completed, and he defeated satan. But they wanna KEEP HIM ON THE CROSS and the CURVE-BEND in the Cross is TO SHOW WEAKNESS.
    They are evil.

  4. That throne at St. Peter's Basilica is a dead sheep.  Also the Basilica literally means the serpent's temple.  If that weren't enough, the shape of it from above is a serpent with a crown.  Jonathan Kleck has a whole series of videos about  it.

  5. I have a couple of questions to ask you.
    (1) On 1:05:17, you said something about the Massachusetts________. I did not hear this part, because it was phased out.
    (2) On 1:05:30, you said, no catholic priest ______, this got phased out and I did not hear this part either.
    My question to you is what exactly was said? Thank you.

  6. God bless you and your ministry! If all of this is true about these Jesuits infiltrating christian churches and advancing through the ranks etc.
    This would line up with ministries such as Kenneth Copeland, Mike Warnike, TD Jakes, pastors who are in charge of these so-called mega churches. The tell-tale signs are there.

  7. That isn't true that they (the Jesuits) are infiltrating with a grace message. After all, believers are saved by grace through faith alone. They are infiltrating with a works message – just like their false works salvation that doesn't save.  They add works to the gospel.

  8. Absolutely wonderful. Showing this to my husband who is ex-catholic. Sounds like maybe vatican is behind Isis etc. You are fullfilling the prophecy that in the last days knowledge shall be increased.
    Don't worry offending anyone. Remember the words of Jonathan Cahn at obama's 2nd inaugural prayer breakfast. " If I offend you, I apoligise ahead of time that I cannot apologize for offending you." Priceless.

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